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Thing is, conduits werent originally all for meme / niche builds, and they were taken as a +1class amulet with lots of goodies. Same with the SR amulet.

@Nery the cataclysm set wasn’t buffed*. The book had +1 all skills before and it was a generalist pick for (at least) pet players until Z got fed up (or at least that was my impression back then) and moved it to the full set.

*Or maybe its another patch, in which case my bad

The bigger problem with the Shattered Realm set is that it’s a primarily defensive focused set in a mainly offensive focused meta, and the SR set not only blocks mastery bonuses, but helm and amulet are major sources of skill modifiers. I took a look at the set, and it has decent Physical resist and decent tertiary resistances in a metagame that sorely needs both of them, but without any offensive modifiers, it’s going to lag behind more skill modifier focused builds. It being a Heavy set with 1035 Physique requirement doesn’t help things either. It having no conversions in a meta that heavily revolves around conversions also doesn’t help.

I can see the Shattered Realm set working with weapons that have gonzo modifiers but no set to support the particular skills, but all skills in the game are decently covered by at least 1 set, so it’d have to be a really-out there weapon where conversion is already handled and the modifiers are crazy enough so that it’s not just a meme option. At a minimum, the SR set needs a proc in the helm or amulet to make them worth using over other options with more tailored modfiers.

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Nah, iirc it was a pick for over 80% of the pet builds, which is not very general. The same was the issue with the single amulet that gave 2 birds. And the meta where SR amulet was used on a vast number of builds and similarly with the Essence of Beronath . Since that there’s Kaisan amulet, which should be harder to get legit and has more randomness, but features heavily specific in quite a few builds presented.

I feel that the Ravager’s Dreadgaze also is like this in that if no other helm fits well, it is the default choice because it gives basically everything one could ask. Even in the case of Retal - Callagadra’s Helm is a hard sell when Ravager’s has extra RR and generally better resistances.

Ravager’s should probably have the RR removed.

We do have the solael void(?) book for conjurers now with pet bonuses.

I honestly don’t get this what feels like a crusade against generalist gear that can be plugged into many builds.

Just to further reinforce this confirmation bias:

Has the SR set and cataclysm set seen use since the changes?

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Speaking about conduits & goodies…
Personally I always found it surprising that they give a +2 to the masteries buff skill instead of a +2 or even +3 to the skill they adjust.
Since it can be rather difficult to get +levels to the skills the conduit wants to support.

Also lots of sets block the amulet slot so a 2nd possible slot like medal or belt would be nice for conduits to have.

These would be some welcome change imo but dunno how realistic they would be.

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Can’t have a radius increase on the transmuter. It’d have the same issue as BWC and DEE.

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Ahhhhhh noooooooo. :slightly_frowning_face:

Any other ways to add AoE there without blowing the main skill outa the water?
Cuz as it stands the transmuter doesn’t feel worth picking up in most cases for already named reasons.

It’s worth for DoT builds, seems like it’s in a fine spot to me when looking at e.g. burn CT build by @Crab_Turtle_2112

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This has been going on for a very long time and I dont get it either. Markovians’ and Iskandra’s sets used to be really good generalist sets for their respective classes until people demanded they be laser focused on 2-3 skills like everything else.

Itemization is one of maybe 2 areas where I’d say GD dropped the ball. If you try to gear for anything outside of the exact play style prescribed by existing legendary sets with static skill modifiers, you’re probably going to have a bad time.


What’s that issue again?

You sure you’re thinking of the right ARPG? Cause that couldn’t be farther from the truth for GD. Random example, look at the gunslinger build @mad_lee posted yesterday and try to tell me with a straight face the game’s all about sets and piling on item modifiers. You can cobble together all sorts of weird shit out of blues, greens, random legendaries, partial sets, sets used for the complete wrong reasons (I would know) and you’re gonna sit here and proclaim that GD dropped the ball on its itemisation? If GD dropped the ball, then most ARPGs never even had the ball, and probably don’t know what a ball is.

The case of the Shattered Guardian set is dead simple. Even if you’re not playing a build that has a lot of gear specifically catering to it, you will most certainly be able to do better if you don’t sac your amulet and helmet slot just to get +2 to all skills and a spread of resists. Being a generalist set, none of the gear pieces provide any skill bonuses whatsoever. All you get is the +2 to all. Not all skills are equally important to a given build. Getting +5 or +6 to a specific key skill for your build across various pieces of gear can be much more valuable than adding +2 to eveything. Not to mention that a lot of builds, even those short on gear will be able to make up that +2 on just the amulet and the helmet and will be free to get additional skill bonuses on the chest and shoulders. Shattered Guardian just doesn’t do enough because by being a generalist set, it can’t specifically help key skills as well as dedicated items can. You would have to be playing a piano build (so lots of skills to boost) while going into all sorts of “off” damage types for those skills in order for the Shattered Guardian to even warrant considering. And then there’s also the matter of the set providing next to no OA and DA, cause there’s almost none on the pieces and all the set bonuses are defensive in nature except the proc.

You either get different projectile behavior or you get pretty FX swaps, but not both.

lots of sets can be used in somewhat unintended ways, ex can be Rahzin that’s being used as Cadence build or Obsidian Juggernaut build, it depends entirely on what the set allows

the problem with Markovian set is that it’s extremely 1 dimensional, limited/gated off in terms of the pieces you need, and then what the pieces provide. Obv easy example would be that custom blitz setup is just straight up better than full Markovian blitz, (*tho custom setups being stronger that sets also isn’t unusual ofc), but also that the set has such modifiers and occupies such slots that it can’t really be messed around with much
Not all sets are like this, but some are, and both types of sets existing at the same time is fine, not every set has to be omni dimensional and open to memes
If a set is limited, then the goal would be to provide feedback to bring it back in play, tho currently Markovian set does perform “ok” enough for the meta range as i understand, that it hasn’t really been accepted of being changed/boosted.
An example was to add bleed back to the set to make it possible to use as a (partial) bleed version too.
Suppose if theorizing memes it could be given %all dmg so it could be used for fire blitz or aether blitz memes too etc - tho that would probably be another thread/topic on its own

SR set these days has a similar issue, which TPOM basically all went over and nailed. Doesn’t make SR set “bad” just more limited for the current meta/“optimal” build approaches these days, but fortunately it doesn’t apply to all sets, or itemization

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If you are adopting some of the functionalities from GrimInternals could you also add a true DPS meter?
Such as:
-detail break down how much of a skill contributed to overall DPS: how many times it was used, number of times each skill crit
-detail break down of the damage type
I’ve written a such thing and it’ll be better to be integrated into Grim Dawn instead of some add on, see below:



Another one of those legendary weapons that has dual support for melee and casting and yet it only has melee stats. Vitality or Bleeding casters would love to use it but lack of CDR and/or casting speed coupled with the fact that it’s a mace (so %damage roll is much lower than on scepters/daggers) make it extremely unappealing.


  • Add cdr/casting speed
  • Add duration to Bleeding/Vitality decay rolls

Its melee part is actually also extremely underwhelming. One-handed Blade Arc is already pretty weak and all this weapon does is it gives some in-built flat and no points to the main skill or to Soldier. I’d say give the weapon +1 to Soldier, flat Vitality roll and something like 40-50% weapon damage to BA (and probably + 3 to BA) to make it an interesting alternative to any generic two-hander.


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Mythical Exonerator was talking to me the other day about how he’s kinda sad that lightning cadence isn’t very good and that he only has one skill mod. He mentioned the storm touched bonuses sometimes make him mad because someone will pick him up to try pistol savagery before throwing him in the gutter in disgust because pistol savagery never works out well. So for his benefit, I said I’d be willing to come to the big scary forums and ask for something. I told him I’d really swing for the fences. We agreed he’d never be happier than if he got a mod to allow for pistol primal strike!


Holy shit yes please!!! Ranged DW primal strike sounds sooo juicy…

Sorry for off-top, but since you are using Siphon Souls, maybe Mythical Mark of Anathema is a better fit (considering its mods to Siphon Souls)? Is Ill Omen better for damage reduction than Ravenous Earth?

it would be for the debuff but you’ll lose a lot of damage by replacing namadea

it is because it spreads.

I would also like to add as a suggestion that crit damage mods on codex of lies and pulsing shard should be increased to 30% for the damage mod to be noticeable while also adding vit dmg% to pulsing shard since it clearly hints for that pairing of damage types, also i would like to suggest replacing chaos damage on both codex of lies and albrecht’s duality with vitality damage%. Chaos aar will always use either fiend’s resolve or blackflame set, and about albrecht’s duality, that chaos damage% is nullified by the global conversion, so there’s no point for it to be there instead of vit%.