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The only thing I really want implemented in Grim Dawn is an official mode with reduced exp gain and less shrines, like the mod I made for It could be a toggle for all difficulties, similar to Veteran. The idea is to revive the spirit of the good old days, when you had to properly play through all three difficulties to max out your build. I slapped it together in a day or so and it actually works just like I wanted it to.

I haven’t yet updated it for, but I plan to keep it updated.


Yes please buff vitality oppressor gunner by adding in dedicated VIT dual wield support, it definitely needs it! :smoking:

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No offense but:

I find it hypocritical that anyone should question someone’s suggestions when, in fact, a vast majority of the forum goers are trying to make everything viable when it just shouldn’t be, at least not in the way they are intending.

You know who you are.

Are any of the suggestions wrong per say? Nah.

The clamoring for changes, to me, just shows that Crate should have softly or moderately pulled back content creation as opposed to full stop…dead horse though but I find it to be the biggest deterrent to playing (for me).

I dunno, I think the place most pieces of gear find themselves are in a good place outside of those people trying to push boundaries.

What’s next (As mentioned in another thread):

I would appreciate crafting being made better. It would expand the gear selection if we started seeing crafted stuff with a degree of determinism start to appear in builds.

Although appreciated, the buffs that most legendaries and epics have seen have really foreshadowed this fact and the culling of poor affixes will inadvertently push crafted items further out of the scene.

Although I understand the conversation around it, the leech discord conversation showcased a shield breaker tanking Rav. I found it refreshing to see a crafted pair of boots even if it was for a specific situation.

GI: I don’t mind running to bosses if there is interesting content along the way. The problem is one shrine is typically not enough though they never get tiring. They are always fun. I think I would rather see more events on the way and higher drop rates on the items these mobs drop as opposed to speed running over and over.

I don’t know almost anything about this mod but the thing I would request the most is a color differential on double rare affix items. Yes filter I get it and knowing ever affix…fine but even some single rare affix items are really good and it is just better QoL to have that.

Storm Totems feel very unfun (to me at least) to SR. Crucible seems fine, you’re trapped in arena of doom and everything rushes you so your totems are having the time of their lives. SR, for a totem focused build, you’re trying to ramp up damage again every single pack. Any chance an item/set could get a +summon burst mod to storm totems? Looking at the above maligned Light’s Defender, it could give it a more unique totem niche compared to Ludrigan’s, if there is concern about tossing in on an item that any totem setup has access to.


Recently tried cooldown CT with wrath of agrivix and the skill-mut. sadly feels very underwhelming.
Dmg. just isn’t there & the flavour text does’t make it justice, not at all.
I’d like to suggest giving it’s TDM a push from the current 170% to 200%, maybe also lower the cooldown a tiny bit & adding a 4,2m radius to it. Why exactly 4,2m? Cuz that let’s us sit at a nice but fair 10m radius if CT is at 26/16. :slight_smile:

Another thing I’d like to speak about is augments.
While recently doodling some more builds in GT I noticed that a lot of cold based builds very often end up with very little DA & the 2% from Ateph’s Glare aren’t a big help when ur base DA isn’t all that good to begin with. Therefore my suggestion would be to swap the % DA with a flat DA bonus of 70 like alot of other augments offer.
I would also like to ask if it would be possible to add an augment similar to Dreeg’s Omen that instead offers OA for characters struggeling with it.

I would also like to 2nd that.
Tried totems + box light’s defender fairly recently and faced the very same issues.
A +1 to summon for the totems would indeed be a very welcome change here imo & the granted skill “storm shard” could use a lowered cooldown as well since it faces the very same problem as the totems.

Cheers, Mergo.

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May it be connected to Spirit dump? :neutral_face:

Do you mean the same spirit dump that is the integral part of 95% correctly min-maxed specs? Or are you still physique dumping on Arcanists in 2023?

Not even close.

Sometimes, but still not entirely true.

Maybe those builds mentioned by Mergo went too greedy on damage (by Spirit dump), abandoned DA and became glass-cannons? That is what I meant.

According to my Cold builds, however, they have shenanigans for workable DA (Nightblade or Occultist mastery, specific items like new Ravager’s Dreadgaze (Minds version) etc), even with Spirit dump they retain acceptable DA numbers. Not all can have that, so Physique dump can be the way. Or DA buff on augment, but that is up to devs to happen.

Inventor for the black legion perhaps :thinking:

Nah, I didn’t go super greedy mode here and sadly not all builds have access the the big :deer: da % helm unless the goal is to shot urself in the knee and break sets apart.

This, reason why I’m asking.
Imo the 2% DA dont make much sense (as said) when ur base DA is low to begin with.
Rather have a decent amount of flat to work with here. :slight_smile:

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Sometimes it’s good to step out of the echo chamber of your own builds and see what other top and proven builders doing and why. Maybe even try their stuff and see how it compares against your own. Instead of making comments about Spirit dump that could go on a r/confidentlyincorrect subreddit if it was about Grim dawn.

May be so. Hard to judge without seeing the examples of such builds.

Too much elitism and insinuation, chill out, man :cold_face:. I wrote what I meant, and it does not criticize Spirit dump at all.

I wanna mention the Shattered Realm set. In early stages of FG it was one of the more universal sets in the game, used by many builds without appropriate gear. But with many buffs and new mods and monster infrequent items, set fall out of grace. I don’t even remember last time, I have seen it being used in end game build. Granted, it’s not that hard to unlock it, but maybe it could repeat the Cataclysm treatment? +3 skills on complete set bonus sounds reasonable suggestion. After all, it blocks helmet and amulet, usual sources of mastery bonuses.




Fairly sure he meant +3 here? :eyes: @Nery

Either way, I’d like to see the SR-set get some love as well. :slight_smile:


no, meant +2 on top of the existing 2


Ahhh yes… free +7 all skills. :grin:



Yes, +3. I meant the Cataclysm was buffed from +1 to +2 all skills. And I am teetotaler too, no excuses there. :sweat_smile:


Hold my beer Burwitch brew

This set was really hamstrung by having an amulet as one of the required parts. It could have been a great tool for conduit builds, but it isn’t, and doesn’t have a lot of reason to exist when we’re drowning in more focused legendaries tailored to just about anything you could want.