Nice to have: barns slaughtering schedule


I currently have two barns with 16 cows. Each spring I get 8 new cows (according to the message). They slaughter them one by one immediately rather than taking their time during the year. This makes an incredible amount of meat in a very short time.

Current mitigation:

I have a root cellar that accepts only meat next to my barns (meat is deactivated in all other storages).
I have 6 (yes 6) smokers also next to the barn (that accept only meat too - no fish).
Once the slaughtering starts, my smokers try to keep up with the flow, but even having 6 of them is not enough, I still get some spoiled meat in the end. I could put even more smokers, but that’s just madness.

I could also do the slaughtering manually (go down from 16 to 13 during the year) … but that’s a bit annoying.

Possible solution:

If a barn needs 4 cows slaughtered, it slaughters 1 every 3 months. And if the system could be “global” (not per barn but all barns) it would be even better. 8 new cows, slaughter 1 per month.


For me I think the smokers need to be improved, like a lv2 smoker, that can handle bigger influxes of meat.

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Indeed, it would be nice.
But still being able to better distribute the meat supply during the year would generate less waste.

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