No Daila in Expansion

I’m on Ultimate and I’ve already done her Missing Diary quest from Homestead [SPOILER] as well as the rest of that line to get to & defeat the Burden clones. Now that I’m going through the expansion, I expected to find her in Mourndale, on the right hand/east side about half way up - same spot I found her w/ one of my other chars. But she isn’t there.
Any suggestions?

I have Dravis’ Letter (from the burning cellar?) and Stormheart (the original) in my inventory - not sure if that makes a difference.

Is the secret quest line something you only unlock once? That doesn’t seem to make sense. I’ve gone back to Homestead and she’s still
there. Am I missing something else that triggers her appearance in Mourndale? quest-wise I’m only to Coven - again, not sure if that matters.[/spoiler]

You haven’t reached the point in the story when she moves, nor do you need her there for the secret quest.

Ah, thanks… I will continue down the path.

I hope you’re getting overtime tonight…