Not being able to buy iron in tier 2 is a problem

I can’t make barrels now and I can’t update my wells. It makes tier 2 a particularly difficult stage to maintain, especially as we need to increase population to get to tier 3. The traders are not bringing barrels, and they won’t update my wells for me anyway.

You can buy iron bars from traders, you just need to wait until you get a trader with the right stuff to sell, so the well upgrade part is still available on tier 2

Cooper has been moved up to tier 3 buildings anyway.

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No I think they stopped that too on the last patch. You can only buy finished tools and weapons. I know since then my traders have never shown up with iron. Anyway the rate this current save is going, Tier 3 is gonna be a distant dream.

Nope, I’ve seen traders today (v0.7.5c patch) who were selling iron bars.


Has anyone had the problem of wanting to sell to a merchant who is buying and NOT selling, opening the trading box, and seeing that all you apparently can do is buy, when you want to sell? I keep getting that and it is frustrating. The information is the trader is only buying, yet all you can do, apparently, is buy; you don’t have the option to sell. We should be able to have two buttons in the trading box that we can click: “Sell” and “Buy.” That we, we have control over our transaction.

The slider bar method is ok once you get used to it, but I will say it took quite a bit of getting used to! And you can type in the exact amount. I will say though on buying I wish the slider had a “sticky” point at the limit of the gold you have in your trading post, so it wasn’t as fiddly to adjust

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I know that, but when I want to sell, I get a slider bar that only goes to buy! I don’t want to buy, I want to sell. The two boxes of choice to either “Buy and Stock” or “Buy and Transfer” are all that I see, though I’m not wanting to do either; I’m wanting to sell. No box that says “Sell Items” or whatever the wording is.

That’s the problem. I want to sell, but the dialog box isn’t giving me the option to do that.

Now, it doesn’t do this every time, and that’s what makes me think it’s a bug. And sometimes, if I try enough times, I finally get the “sell” version – again, makes me think this is a bug.

But, too often, I finally get the “sell” option just as the trader is leaving.

This happens with traders who are both buying and selling, and with traders who are selling only. Makes me think it’s a bug.

I think the problem would be solved by replacing the choice bars, “Buy and Stock,” etc., with buttons that say “Buy” or “Sell.” Then you can choose how much – perhaps by a dialog box into which you can type the exact amount you want to buy or sell – then, if buying, you can have buttons to choose “Buy and Stock” or “Buy and Transfer.” And maybe a drop-down box so you can direct exactly where it will be transferred: market, storage building, smokehouse, root cellar, etc. I agree with you that the slider bar is too “fiddly,” and that can be frustrating.

If a trader already has a lot of that item in stock already they won’t buy more of it.

That isn’t always the case. It happens when the trader is only buying the item, not selling it at all. That indicates to me that I should therefore be able to sell the item to the trader, but that doesn’t always happen, and I get only the option to buy (but the vendor isn’t selling the item, he or she is only buying it). Also indicates that it’s probably a bug.

Yes, in that case it’s a bug. Just wanted to be sure you weren’t trying to sell to a trader who wasn’t interested in buying.

It doesn’t happen all the time, either. It is intermittent. I had another intermittent happening related to this. I got frustrated and clicked on the “Items to Trade” in the upper right. Something clicked through, and the “sell” option I was looking for popped up. Is my trading post haunted? :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face:

No, just bugged. :wink:

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