NTQV3 - Grim Dawn, Titan Quest, Diablo 2 & RESSURECTED stasher


Grim Dawn [Build] Contest site - one more Grimendium+GrimSheet fusion:

source files: https://fw1.visualstudio.com/_git/nTQV3

- based on TQVault by SoulSeekkor source code
- … so writen in c#(+wpf)
(my first expirence in c#, so it looks ugly both the interface and the code -) )
- … works both with TQ:AE & GD (old version not tested); since ver.3 works with Diablo 2, since ver.3+ works with Diablo 2 Ressurected.

+ loads items info from game archives directly
+ …so names & attributes are localized
+ stores items in sqlite database
+ has native from the game-engine filter (but for a speed reason load it from static files)

+ has functions for extract all game archives
+ may expand the TQ transfer stash size
+ has collection tables for epic, legendary items & sets
+ may work with remote item-db
+ has multi-language localization (in-stock russian, english & japanese(from negix2))
+ auto-gather items from the transfer stash & character’s pages
+ has functions for import items from TQVault & GDStash
+ backups the transfer stash, the ntqv-db and characters’ save-files before every change
+ provides review mode for transer stash backups
+ can calc chances of drop of loot from enemies and containers (early pre-version)

  • shows activated devotion shrines, found one-shot chests and completed quests for the selected character
  • can load GrimTools’ builds and show items that are already collected in the ntqv-DB

- needs .net framework 4.6.1+
- my english is very bad -) (so a small thank to google-traslator)

Change log:
  • multi-language localization (in-stock russian, english & japanese(incomplete))
  • collections page for sets
  • fix minor bugs
  • move files on google.disk
  • auto-gathering items from transfer stash filters setup in GrabFilters\gamename-filter.xml
  • Additionally shows & auto-gathers from players files
  • auto-gathering & it sound on/off
  • supports Titan Quest: Ragnarok (damn on it -( )
  • bug fixes (new characters crush, localization)
  • TQ’s characters view & auto-gather (view pan yet dirty)
  • bug fixes
  • fixed bug with finding paths to games in windows registry (thanks to negix2)
  • big refactoring a work with DB (all operations moved to thread) - it seems that it increased the speed…
  • remoteDB refactored to work through WCF (so now it might work over internet) - need speedtest
  • fixing of missed translations
  • fixed collections
  • review of backups of transfer stash
  • little bugfixes & interface improve
  • bugfixes
  • enabled declension by gender from the game (need rename the db items, so see to the “Utils” page)
  • link to www.grimtools.com for collection items
  • fixed crush for items moved on the characters inventory panel
  • bugfixes
  • a litle improvement of UI
  • repaired Collections on remoteDB
  • pre-version of “Mentor” & “LootCalc”
  • backup the characters on start the program and if auto-gatherer is enabled - on save-file every change
  • minor bugfixes for TQ
  • minor bugfixes for TQ
  • minor bugfixes
  • update item names in collections
  • updated for Forgotten Gods
  • fix for Totally Normal Shield’s
  • nTQV3 - Diablo 2 support
  • Diablo 2 improvement
  • D2 store, collections, auto-gatherer
  • bugfixes
  • a little inprovement of Mentor
  • speed up the Collections
  • update for TQ:Atlantis
  • damn to Dammitt - rollback to early version of Mentor
  • bug fixes
  • correct reading the 2nd relic in items of TQ:A
  • show new RelicStash page in vaults
  • Mentor shows found one-shot chests
  • Mentor shows devotion shrines, it OVERREPLACES grimtools.checklist
  • Mentor shows ALL quests
  • bugfixes (probably solved the “ReadEndOfCentralDirectory()” error - verification is required)
  • Simple Item Attributes Filter mode
  • pre-version of GDS-styled Item Attributes Filter
  • binary relocated on “Mod DB” platform
  • “Formulas” in the Collections tab
  • bugfixes
  • bugfixes (fixed a huge bug with Illusions)
  • collections are updated for
  • Diablo 2 DB and Collections is fully functional from now
  • minor UI tweaks
    – disabled some MENTOR features due to CloudFlare on GrimTools.com
  • shows 99% of item properties of Diablo 2
  • import *.d2i
  • auto-gatherer for Diablo 2
  • auto-backup Diablo 2 save files
  • Diablo 2 Runeword Calculator
  • Diablo 2 Loot Calculator
  • added NTQV3Con - Chrome extension to display on the Grim Dawn Build Calculator pages (grimtools.com/calc) the number of matching items stored in the NTQV3 database.
  • ntqv3con is updated with support [Grim Dawn Build Contest (test url https://gdc1.ddns.net)] and uploading GT builds to GCD)
  • ntqv3con can launch filtering in the NTQV3 stasher directly from GT and GDC sites pages - just click buttons on item pictures on site pages
  • GDC shows characters stats, items and augments
  • SUITS was implemented
  • pre-version of “THE BUILDER” - character editor / Item forge - as at now it may ONLY to show character data
  • D2R: supports modded-size inventory: up to 7 pages 16x16 cells!
  • D2R: fixed loading of characters and auto-gatherer of items from save files
  • D2R: fixed THE BIG BUG with socketed items put in the game stash
  • D2R is completely updated now
  • added German translation (thanks to FOE)
  • D2R: fixed Loot Calculator
  • D2R: added filtering by attributes
  • D2R: high resolution item graphics
  • D2R: the S.T.A.R. rating of item attributes
  • D2R: preversion of support MODs based on MODs-folder
    D2R: beta-version of support MODs based on MODs-folder: it’s Alive!
    NB !!! still need * .bin files in “mod_name.mpq\data\global\excel” directory!
    NB !!! works correctly ONLY when launched BEFORE the game!
  • bugs fix
  • D2R: the NTQV now supports MPQ-packed mods
  • D2R: works correctly when the game is running!!!




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It definitely needs a translation :wink:

it definitely done -)

because there were no testers …
request: somebody tell me the game numbers (GD, GD:AoM, TQ:AE, TQ:R) in the Steam and GOG catalogs

GD is 219990

Going by the Steam page for it being http://store.steampowered.com/app/219990/Grim_Dawn/

AoM then is 642280, but since it installs in the GD dir, I don’t think that matters

TQ:AE is 475150, TQ:R is 741350 by the same logic. TQ:R installs under TQ:AE as well

I am not aware that GOG uses catalog numbers publicly like Steam does. What do you need them for?

It’s nice for detecting the install folder for Grim Dawn.
But I’m not aware of any foolproof ways to detect GOG installs.

nobody hopes only on windows registry, anyway a button for select the folder manually is available
but an user would have an easy way too)

thanks 11111

This is written in machine translation.

Does this tool work in multibyte character environment?

Although it is interrupted because of an error in my environment,
I am preparing a Japanese translation file for this tool.

it supports unicode, not mbsc
after all unicode contains japanesse character, did’t it?
put the translation file in “translation” folder, program will find it on startup

Thank you for your reply
So the cause is not multibyte.
Since NTQV terminates without issuing an error log,
I thought that multi-byte is the cause.

I will try again if the next NTQV update comes.

is your system is windows XP?
sorry, my program writes no logs, it is more convenient for me to cause exceptions in the debugger

one more question: is installed on your system .net framework 4.6.1+ ?

upd. send to me please a file with any japanese text from your system

This stasher is good just for one mere reasone - it doesn’t requre Java machine installed :smiley:

The OS I use is windows 10 and .net framework 4.6.1+ is installed.
I am currently using TQVAULT XL.

I am attaching localization file of Japanese version although it is not completed yet.

This localization is made by cooperation of Mr. Shirasumi who is involved in Japanese official localization.
However, it seems that localization is necessary for this XML file as well as this TXT file.

Mr. Shirasumi seems to work this tool more than me, but that seems not to be perfect.
In my case I tried to switch to TQ and forced to quit.

However, both of us are very excited about this tool.

yeah, instead it requires .Net which is pretty much the same thing but with an MS flavor… the main difference being that the likelihood of having that already installed is higher as you are on a MS OS, so you maybe need another 100 MB of space to have both installed… this really makes no difference whatsoever

i tried your file and program works on japanese…
hmmm… is japanese windows 10 not unicode? I doubt…
i suppose problem not mbcs…
is your system x64? program compiled only for x64 platform

-)I do not like it at all “net framework” too, but c# with its wpf, linq etc. is amazing

ntqv has very early version, it has many bugs, some planned features are not realised yet…
and i see that its interface is needed in a complete revision…

that was not a complaint against the .Net framework but an attempt at correcting the misconception of Garfunkel that Java is somehow to be avoided.
In reality .Net and Java are pretty much the exact same thing, except that as usual MS had to do their own thing to prevent the possibility of losing the Windows monopoly to a cross-platform framework.

Personally I prefer Java for being cross-platform and because I do not particularly like MS, but the framework is pretty decent, certainly a lot better than whatever abomination of a programming environment they provided before it.