OFF arcane conduit

Please change freeze resitance reduction on conduit for OFF to -40 % instead of -30 % so that it becomes useful and it actually can freeze nemesis. They will have after this change 98% freeze resistance after applying OFF and that means they will not be seriously frozen at all but resitance reductions will apply. It will actually become meaningful to use this conduit.

OFF has to actually freeze in the first place to apply that freeze resist reduction, so it wouldn’t make a difference.

Yes it would beacuse at 98 % resistance they can be frozen. They have 138 % res -40 % = 98 % so they can be freezen.

Nemeses freeze res doesn’t get reduced because OFF HAS to freeze them in the first place to apply the freeze resist reduction. No freezing, no freeze res reduction applied.

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How come that mageslayer set can freeze them then? Same logic but -55 % reduction on mageslayer set. Shouldn’t work either according to you but it does.

Because that’s a weird interaction between Mageslayer OFF and Time Dilation devotion. OFF never freezes Nemeses in that build when OFF doesn’t proc Time Dilation.

That is not true. I have builds that use OFF with mageslayer and no time dilation from devotions, relics or otherwise and it works.

Yes, it is.

For exapmple this build can freeze them and it is not even mageslayer set.

He talks about permanent freeze. That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about a temporary freeze.

This does not need to freeze to apply it.

And if it can freeze them temporarly already, why does the conduit need more freeze RR?

Because it will be usefeul. This was just combining Luminari set with conduit. But conduit alone can not do it. With -40 % it should. And it will apply the RR on OFF. That is what I want not the freeze itself necessary, so I will be OK with just -40 % so that RR is applied.

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