[] 160 SR solo pass Mage Hunter video/no pharma

Hello. Yes, title is correct, I’ve passed sr 160 solo. However it was mostly fun challenge, going 80-160 can take months/year everyday many hours session and incredible luck. Thanks to @Duskdeep86 who shared me save with 160 shard done from teamplay so I could instantly jump to highest possible shard just to pass it once. It’s not a guide, just showcase of some strange mechanics. Thanks for all builders who posted OFF builds before me, I could get some ideas.

Special credit must go to Alexgoldfish too, he posted similar tactic with spellbreaker before.

Build + video

Sorry for not 1 boss in video, forgot to put recording after death, but you can see how gameplay looks vs rest 3. I totally forgot to bind WoR.

Because of some strange interaction between OOF and Hourglass proc we are able to permafreeze every boss except Moosilauke. If reset don’t go INSTANTLY it doesn’t work for some reason, even 2 seconds delay will ruin everything. We have to combo OOF + instant reset OOF then hold freezeing with rest skills/procs. Going for boss shard is hell, I needed some attempts because of impossible 1-3 chunks. Any exclusive “sr superboss” before boss room or Moosilauke into is alt + f4.

Short F.A.Q

  1. Why Mage Hunter?
    Because we need to stay at some distance to be safe and inquistor provide great proc skills. I had no luck playing with spellbreaker. Elementalist and Warlock maybe could work.

  2. Why 0 defense?
    We are going to be one shotted no matter what so it’s pointless, better go for full damage.

  3. Is this build viable for farming?
    It’s not, it was made only to pass sr 160 once. Useless outside.

  4. Why it permafreeze bosses?
    I’m not sure. Maybe mage slayer set is somehow bugged and casting OOF twice in row (with hourglass) stack -55% freeze resistances? I’ve tryied to go without it and it’s impossible to freeze bosses, either not instant cooldown reduction will kill us. OOF must be casted second time before effect from first cast expire. I’ve needed Swift mutator too and I had to avoid Unstoppable.

Everything, regards.


Cool experiment and clever use of the set!


I’ve been brainstorming on how it’s possible some time ago and came to conclusion that it works like critical hits with DoTs. Basically, once you inflict freeze with freeze RR attached you can prolong it with other freeze sources that will retain freeze RR, which opens this opportunity.

I might be totally wrong on that though.

Cool experiment!

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Thank you @Zantai ! Could you explain how it works? Why casting OOF second time before first expire makes bosses almost perma freeze?

@Stupid_Dragon I have seriously no idea how it works. I found it in accident during testing some devotion routes for 75-76 farming, after switching to Hourglass I saw I can hold freeze after second OOF cast all the time. Maybe you are right, I hope for Zantai’s answer.

it’s what dragon said, not TD

It’s a combination of +1 duration to OFF from mace + freeze from other sources, letting you prolong the duration of freeze effect if it is procced while under off effects.

You could just as easily do it with Enternity relic and not TD, even easier in some respects.

GJ though!

Imagine this stuff accompanied by 1x or 2x rime trappers :smiley:


Thanks for explanation! You are right, probably Eternity could save me in some cases.

Good showcase of freeze fail is in 5:55 of video, this 1 second cooldown could save me I gess.

Good job. :smirk:
We test Freeze set before we passed 130. Solo cant freeze many nemesis, and some cant.
and more player we increase monster freeze resist, so is not work.
what map and bosses?

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The one boss I couldn’t freeze was only Moosilauke and bosses like Gazer, there were some problems in 1-3 chunk too vs some enemies, during 160 attempts I was fighting most of them, all got 120% freeze resistances except Moosilauke. Swift mutator is must too.

Passed on Lava map - Fabius (not in video, forgot to put recording)/Iron Maiden/Theodor/Alexander

Did you try using hourglass devotion or double freezing dps for teamplay?

sure not work. after increase monster freeze resist almost freeze 0.5s - 1s even use hourglass, Freeze only for solo.
Edit: even if freeze work , 0 mistake will make u insane.

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Seconded with Zantai. very smart.
I saw this vid earlier on YT. Didn’t know it was you.
Also foward that vid to my community thinking what a smart way to play 160!

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Nice exploit, I think you should specifically mention @AlexGoldFish_322 who posted this exploit first here.

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@ABCbarbecue Thank you! I think mage hunter can even climb sr faster with some gear/devotions/skills change (AAR maybe?) for another kiting build vs Moosilauke only if he is pulled last. In theory it can go even higher than retaliation warlord (++130) without skipping chunks from teamplay.

@mad_lee thanks for remind, mentioned Alex in OP. I consider it exploit too, I think it should be corrected a little becuase stacking freezing sources with Mageslayer set just makes almost every boss a joke.

@Duskdeep86 I was thinking about putting freeze dps in teamplay. What about something like that:

  1. Freeze dps must be host.
  2. Full team (like magehunter + warlord + warlord + summoner) clean 1-3 chunks.
  3. Before boss room all quit except host.
  4. Freeze dps go into room and pull bosses 1vs1 except Moosilauke (high spawn chance).
  5. Team join for last boss fight.

Will 3 players quit before boss room make bosses not scaled with freeze resistances until they join again?

show me video Link here, I try to download watch.

It’s my theory only, never played like that. I think quitting teammates make monsters unscaled for 1 player again so freeze dps can 1vs1 bosses again in boss room if he is alone in game.

If you meant solo clear then it is:
www.youtube. com/watch?v=lrolCLyQwYI

cant download by urlgot.
1.must 0 mistake
2.Host will some different with Single, like delay something.
3.if other players always Exit and In Host will easy crash.
4.have 3~4 monsters cant freeze.
5.If Freeze build for HOST, 2 Moosilaukes (always appear) we all need to restart, cause Freeze Dps + Summon not enough to clean Nemesis also Warlord cant get Taunt for Freeze build.
6.How long for SOLO 160 boss room ?

I found some youtube downloader site: www.y2mate.com/en8 Urlgot maybe works for chinese site.

For solo doing no mistakes is easy, just aethercluster + mirror when boss comes, freeze with OFF, instant OFF again and they can’t move even inch. I dpsed them from 63mln hp-0 without any reaction from them. If you download video you can see it.

You are right, crashes can be huge problem and makes it impossible.

I rarely got 2 Moosilaukes when solo, maybe he spawns in double for multiplayer. Yes, it can be huge problem.
1 boss in 160 solo = around 1-40:2 min only, this room took around 11-12 min (video 8 min), 1 boss is cut because forgot recording.


after ~1:30. Boss didn’t move

Would this work nicely in a team if someone else was using the Luminari Set nearby for an additional -20% freeze reduction resist?

Also someone with - freeze res from Arcanist Conduit could be in the party.

Duskdeep said multiplayer increases bosses freeze resistances and they tryied it during team push, it is not working. All players except freezer would have to quit before joining boss room I guess.