Old Grove Environment - VIDEO!!!

Oh shit! We haz video!

Yes, the time has come at long last for us to release our first video. We’re starting out small with a pan-around of one of our environments and a little display of the weather system. We hope to release videos of a few more environments over the next couple (insert vague amount of time that sounds long). :wink:

Anyway, it is up in the media --> video section but here is a link below. If you enjoy the video, please “like” it for us on youtube to help spread the word!

Old Grove Environment Video

  • Ok Evil Medierra had his fun, I’ve changed it to the real link. :wink:
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I knew it!

edit: WTF is that rick roll!? you got inspiration from that maybe?


I am astonished by the level of detail and the dynamic weather system is beautiful. Props.

I would say the one in the Media --> Video section is way better than the one you link to :stuck_out_tongue: Looks simply great!

Finally, looks great. Thanks.

Ooooh great! Wow great weather system. So it’s dark when it’s raining? I love it!

ps: sorry to youtube that I replayed it over ten times already.

Wow, it’s like all… pretty. Good work, keep it up :slight_smile:

Can I haz combat pl0x :wink:

The style of the graphics is great, from what I could tell from that short clip.

Looks soooooooooooo much better than the screenshots, and they were awesome!

Can’t wait for more vids.

Nice job Crate.

Alright! That is amazing! Just freaking gorgeous! The leaves on the trees and the weather system are what pop out for me, but everything is just amazing. Thank you so much! :smiley:

P.S. What was the link to before? I know what a rickroll is, but I wanna see exactly what it linked to. :undecided:

Ok, I watched it again in fullscreen.

As the camera pans, are the details in the mountain/cliff texture updating in realtime or is that due to that white mist? Or was it to do with the video encoding?

For the sake of the story, hehehe

Here we go.

Care to elaborate?

It is video encoding possibly combined with the mist passing over the rock. I guess the compression didn’t handle that well. It is amazingly difficult trying to get a large video to look good on youtube.

Everything loads in with its default texture size since the game is relatively top-down and you’re not seeing tons objects way off in the distance that would necessitate a level-of-detail system, so, unless something is horribly wrong, you should never see textures update in real-time.

Thanks Med, it was a genuine question so cheers for the answer.

Yeah! Finally there is a video!
Look AWESOME! :smiley:

A video sure brings everyone out to post! I haven’t seen this many responses this quick on here in awhile!

Thanks! So it was the actual video. Hmm… that video is horrible. I did read (somewhere) that the acrobatic bartender was drunk, so that’s something, if it’s true.

Wuuuuu a full film!!! awesome. Looks really nice. The wait was abolutely worth it.


btw: the link to the old video doesnt work for me. Only says “not available”. :frowning:

Very impressive !
Trees have kept my attention.

The screenshots were awesome, but this video…
Very nice gift, thanks !

WTF? That video have more than 40M views?

btw: There is nothing impressive at blizzcon this year. Honestly (not some blizz hate), I don’t even excited with the new Devil Hunter. I must be mad.