One briar is enough briars - Blue / Epic Set (Mogdrogen's Peace) Build SR90+, Ravager, Lokarr

I was given a friendly challenge by @DeputyChuck to build around one of the lesser used blue sets. I see why no one uses this, both the weapon and offhand taken and the set doesn’t allow for a second briar or anything like that, so I can see why this one is often overlooked for the purple Nature’s Regalia set or other purple pet sets. Still, anytime you have a powerful briarthorn on your side things can easily go your way. :slight_smile: I theorycrafted out different damage types, I hate using vitality all the time, but it works really well and is easy to achieve yet given the slots the set uses.

The build

I went a little more aggressive on the devos than I normally do to help make up for the lack of a briarthorn, it seems to have worked as seeing 2+ million DPS isn’t uncommon in the play throughs I’ve made. This toon is very, very comfortable in SR75-76, but above SR85-90ish the lack of a second briarthorn and no healing rain is definitely noticed. Pets need to be resummoned against tough bosses a little more than I’d like, but not to the point it is a problem. Like a few other pet conjurers I’ve posted, this one goes all in on vitality conversion and rr.




Well, there you have it, a little used set showing it has some muscle. If I were to build this one over I might go a little more healy / defensive with devos but still this toon works pretty well as drawn up. It hits hard and has decent survivability.


Well done.

I was expecting you to do something good, but not “SR90, killing Ravager” good. :slight_smile: