One-Hander Feedback Thread

Thanks. Removed from list. Expected the buffs would be enough.

I feel like Chillflame is fine, this cold Purifier of mine feels strong even though it’s not finished in terms of augments, nevermind minmaxing - basically everything can be improved, but I’m happy that it somehow has good amounts of OA/DA even though it’s an unfinished spec

I would love it though if Runebinder received some energy regen since spamming skills 24/7 tends to damage the energy economy

wrt Decree of circle of 5 dagger.

This item is pretty much overshadowed by the Beronath sword in all aspects even with the +1 to classes. Beronath probably needs the skill to cost more, perhaps 30/s? …as 7 is almost irrelevant to energy. (blood orb costs 65, seal of might costs 300 reserved, etc.)

But I digress. Decree of c5 need more to distinguish it from beronath. I personally think that it should recieve:

  • 50% conversion aether->physical

This is something that Beronath can not do. (shocking, isn’t it?!!). It would make this much more of a caster/Battlemage weapon.

And improve the Bonelance ability. I’d suggest increasing it to 3 projectiles.

I would like to see higher damage on the weapon’s skill. Awful stats for legendary item otherwise btw. Aether to physical is nice idea, and you already can have 50% by using double Seal of Might.

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About Corruption of Gargabol.
I’ve come up with this build which actually looks overall pretty nice except 1 thing - shitty AS.
Imo, Gargabol’s pistol is outclassed as a caster weapon because of the Blightlord set, so turning it into an AA-weapon through adding ~18% AS will look nice and will improve QoL a bit.


I suggest to make decree of the circle of five as pure aether spammer instead, converting elemental to aether, not elemental to physical.

I don’t believe physical spammer can work with that little WD and flat phys.


The way I see the granted item skill is for a filler in a aether caster build.

It will become a really great item as aether itemization is very lacking. So we will have a lot more interesting build other than clairvoyant AAR.

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you can make an aether apostate version using bonemonger set + dw it with mindwarp (this allows for highest phys to aether conversion). It actually is quite good since the energy cost was reduced a bit.

That’s precisely what I GT’d up but never got around to testing. The pessimism it met on the chat group made me disincline to invest so much time into it

Nah, still bad…

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i mean it cleared 170 in 1.1.2… it has been buffed since and the energy cost reduced.

Thing is, I really like the concept of the weapon. Will fill the slot in some interesting aether build concept.
It just the weapon gimp itself by trying to be a physical spammer with so little WD and so little flat.

The granted skill has so little AoE, combine with the fact that physical has next to nothing AoE proc. I am sure that single target damage will not be good enough either because armor exist.

Just let this weapon become aether dagger.

BTW, I am sure that that build cannot clear cruci again in this patch. LoL
Not easy to make wacky build again in this patch.

This weapon is currently unreasonable and therefore not useful.
My suggestion:

These changes are probably useful not only for Reaper, but also for Asid Cabalist and Asid Opp.

Spark of Reality
On the Arcanist side he competes with Black Scorch Covenant sets and conduit for chaos CT. As the skill of Arcanist cannot add -x% RR (without Olexra ofc) will be better if add mod to Bloody Pox with -10/15% RR. My gt chaos AAR Warlock (around 60% sussces rate in crucible).

Try hardcapping both FoI and disintegration. It should perform sufficiently well.

Devotions aren’t perfect either.

Try this instead…

It should have at least 60 - 70% more damage than your current set up.

feel the oupiness

You are right, but the main problem build is Reaper of the Lost. Since the next patch will likely nerf AAR and so I ask buff for build.

Reaper can be dealt with using 2x sanctified bones.

when black flame is so shitty you have to use other pieces instead. Ugh.

Hey @adoomgod, are you still interested in these? Cause I have played corruptian and realised the same thing.

You can’t focus on RE with it as pure physical because there are no items that support it, until I noticed, that this item fits perfectly well with Spellscourge set. So you can just make a spellbinder like this. The problem is that the build gets carried by devastation and binder’s defensive skills, RE doesn’t do that much dmg cause there are no + bonuses. Despite that I still managed to clear SR 100 with it and also kill some superbosses. It’s a really slow crucible build though ( 7m on average) and it is to be expected since the dps isn’t the highest. So basically the item is used on a niche build, but doesn’t provide a lot cause the rest of the gear supports another class/skills.

Here is my attempt to make pure physical RE build with that weapon [] Ravenous Earth Oppressors - Physical & Acid variants (SR65)