One moment of silence for Gogo


Yes, always stop by to say hello to Gogo. Also have a word with Praetorian Zedlee in Homestead, another fallen hero.


As soon i arrive in Homestead im gonna search for his grave. :disappointed_relieved:

Not a grave. He stands by the western gate that you exit to go to the Infested Farms/Rotting Croplands area. But him being in the game is a similar situation to Gogo’s.


Ah okay… Didnt know!

You found this classic, RIP Gogo!

Btw when you go to Homestead and certain cave, just notice the shape of it on the map :wink:

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I really need to pay more attention to details. Huh? Just arrived in Homestead and went directly to see Zedlee i must admit that i have a soft spot for this kind of things. Lets take a moment to pay respect for our fellow comrade Zedlee as well. Thank you!

On a lighter note, assuming you have the expansions for the game, when you find this now you’ll know why it’s in the game.

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Yes i have the expansions… oh man what a story i had no idea!

Hopefully neither did anyone else until Zantai revealed all. I had to delete a few posts here on the forum when people posted that they’d found it with screenshots. Luckily everyone was happy to help keep the secret until it was found by the person it was meant for. :grinning:

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How nice thought this things happen only in movies! Well it seems i was wrong i can die in peace now. :relieved:

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