Does this Ring any Bells?

You may have noticed a strange item making the rounds across Grim Dawn’s various communities following the release of v1.1.4.2…


Today, we’re ready to give you some context!

We were recently contacted by an individual seeking to prepare a surprise for their spouse in celebration of their 15th wedding anniversary. It would appear that Grim Dawn was a favorite game of theirs and one they play during family time.

Without getting into details, we were on board with doing a quick little treat for them, and in the process all of you get a little treat in the form of a great leveling item!

So there you have it. Since the surprise has been sprung, the secret is now officially out!

Congratulations to them on 15 years and we wish the happy couple many more!


That’s very sweet! :slight_smile: I echo the wishes and hope they experience a lot more lovely things together.

Awwwwwe! That’s awesome :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Happy 15th wedding anniversary :heartpulse::heartbeat::gift_heart::two_hearts::revolving_hearts:
Where are my ballgown, veil, high heel, and bouquet illusion??

Congratulations! What a nice gesture from Crate.:grava_yes:

Congrats to the happy couple and hope he liked the surprise. :grinning: Best anniversary present ever, right? :wink:

maleable or malleable… or am I missing a pun?

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Should be double “ll” eis. Think Snow’s already pointed it out.

Ah, at last I can whine in GDIA thread on missing icon for this one :sweat_smile:

Wery well done, Crate!

Happy 15th! Question is, how rare is the ring? :thinking:

Not very, from the reports I’ve seen of drops. Someone had 9 of them. I’m guesing it’s a 100% drop chance, though I suppose Zantai may change it if it is now that it’s been found by the person it was intended for, but it only drops from one place in the game.

It can be found relatively early in the FG area,
(I do n’t want you to take away the fun of discovering it yourself,
I don’t write that place here. )

By the way, is Leovinus the name of a Christian saint?
I’m not sure because I don’t belong to a Christian cultural area,
Does it have any special meaning?
I would appreciate it if you could tell me.

But I ’m sorry,
when I read OP again,It ’s a blessing to a specific couple,
Looks like Leovinus is their name.
Again,Congratulations on their 15th anniversary!

for some reason this reminds me of that spartan peasant theages from TQ, with his iconic “THE NECKLACE!” and being foolish for stubbornly waiting for some hero to retrieve his daughter’s wedding dowry from packs of weak eurynomus and bats, rather than returning to his daughter because his daughter would have value her father’s life more than some replacable dowry! but i guess spartan people are diehard warriors wanting to honour their traditions even though common sense are screaming in their ears. now i feel like gd needs more adorable/tragic love story that also include weddings. anyway, nice ‘maleable’ item!

Congrats to the happy couple and thanks for getting us another sweet leveling item :tada:

Thank you Crate and Zantai for creating a most memorable anniversary gift that we can share with everyone in this community! We appreciate the well wishes from everyone, thank you! :clinking_glasses:


Welcome to the forum Leovinus. Yeah, Crate rock! :grinning:

A bouquet for you!

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a wonderful gesture on your part can’t wait to drop one!!!

Happy 15th wedding anniversary! A truly wonderful gesture from Crate! :heart_eyes:

Found the ring and was blown away. Happy 15 year anniversary!! Great ring!