Option to cycle thru buildings of the same type

I’m sure most players have experienced this. Once your town gets larger and more spread out. Managing you buildings get a bit tedious. Want to make sure that each of your ‘workhouses’ hasn’t completely cleared out or a mine hasn’t ‘run-dry’ and the works are sitting there idle? You have to spend 10 minutes scrolling about your map (trying to remember exactly where each far-flung mine is).

Being able to select a building and being able to ‘jump’ to the next building of that type would be a great time-saver!


Maybe that paired with a mini-map so you can see where you jumped to

This point is well worth endorsing; it’s been highlighted several times by many players… it really deserves being on the fix list

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Yes please, tossing my hat in the ring for anything that makes finding buildings easier. A mini-map that can be filtered, an option to highlight buildings of a certain type on a map maybe, or if nothing else, make the building highlight of others of the same type as selected, much more prominent, like a huge beam to the sky… or any combination of the above.

Finding a healer building in the middle of town that I missed and never upgraded was quite the surprise the other day, especially since I had made a point to find them all and upgrade them previously. It just didn’t highlight well, and in a well packed city is hard to spot, nevermind those far away mines you put down late at night and forgot about the next day. :slight_smile: .


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