Option to hunt wild aggressive animals without retreating

can i have a switch or another option to enable my hunters to hunt on boars wolfes and probably bears (they dont have creature den so dont care) without retreting.

i dont understand why sometimes builder alone at full hp dont immediately retreat from boar and trying to fight it and start retreating only when losing a lot of hp.
but hunter with sword, crossbow and coat retreats immediately after seeing boar.

it just make no sense. i understand at early game.
but if he has sword and crossbow - with 2 crossobw shots boar has only 10% left hp and hunter will very easy finish him off.

pls give me option to stop micromanaging and take my own risk for probability death of hunter.
its the most frustrating thing now im currently having.
just switch in hunter cabin - hunt on dears only / hunt all

and also ability to destroy boars den spawn will be great too. because u sometimes expand and the random boar will disrupt all building attempts



I started putting wild life on easy because of this

Boars yield absurd amounts of food early to mid game at the cost of mildly annoying micromanagement, then the mid-late game turns into an endless fake boar attack notification spamfest unless you raze the forest or build plenty tower defenses

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early yes. but those notifications :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

one time I expanded and there was 1 boar spawn. and it killed more people on vanquisher difficulty then raiders in years while triying to build something there. there was a tower and a hunter. it made so much pain to micromanage it