Option to toggle off building durability

Many people I’ve seen just aren’t happy with the way building durability is affecting their gameplay. I, for one, don’t mind it but I would actually use this option if it existed. In the wake of assigning builders or not having enough builders, etc., it can really ruin some gamers’ experience and from what I’ve noticed with all of the in-game difficulty tweaks already available the game it appears to me that Crate is trying to appeal to ALL players from beginner to expert. Give everyone what they’re looking for and it makes for more potential sales!

As long as you keep enough laborers, and resources up, you should never even notice building durability. Other than if a building becomes abandoned because desirability dropped. Ensure your number of laborers is not orange.

I’m against dumbing down a game just for “wider appeal”. That said, the durability feature is bugged. It’s completely random and whacks 50-75% of your buildings, new or old, all at once. For a couple days I thought it was actually fixed, as it was only hitting maybe 5% of my buildings every few years or so. But today I got hit 4 times within 10 years of 50%+. My 1100 planks were gone and I had to build 4 additional temporary saw mills just to catch up.

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