Optional Clock

I get so engrossed in building my little villages that I lose track of time. Would it be possible to add an optional clock display to the interface please? I play in full screen, which means I can’t see the clock that Windows provides.

This is another game that would benefit from the mechanic that Anno 1800 has, where every two hours it will flash a message that gets progressively more insistent:
“You’ve been playing for 2 hours now: shouldn’t you break for some coffee?”
“You’ve been playing for eight hours already: don’t you want to check on your family?”

Oh lord, that would annoy me to death. An ingame clock would be nice though, but messages like that - ugh.

In the Anno 1800 Redditt, the messages have received, shall we say, Mixed Reviews.

Hey, at least they care about our well being amiright?

Well, it’s hard to sell games to dead players, so there is some self-interest involved . . .

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Well, I dont see a problem with that. Anyway, in-game clocks would be great. I need a better way to keep track of time.

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