Overall feedback, minor qwerks

Just a few issues I ran into after about 30 hours of play time.

-When planning out buildings I found that while I am picking a spot, and rotating and zooming to get the placement right, the building’s stat menu is large enough and in just the perfect position to get in the way of seeing where I’m putting it, regardless of which way I rotate my view. Also larger grid for placing roads?

-Could maybe create an upgrade mini menu? I found that once I reached Town Hall Tier 3 I had a lot of buildings and a lot of building wanted upgrades. Each costing a significant amount of gold, which led to so many upgrade icons haha.

-NPC’s at hunting lodges ignore deer and default to checking traps. If I want deer then I have to keep the hunting to level 1 which brings back my upgrade icon dilemma haha.

-May be due to my lack of awareness but i get sporadic messages saying that there’s no fish left for my fishing shacks until I shut them down and open them back up. Which fixes the notification. Can lakes be fished out? I only had 3 fisherman on a decent sized lake.

-Last thing I had was very minor and might not be worth looking into but when I built city walls they ended up running along side a fenced in farming field. The fence and the walls wanted to link together making the walls along that section all junctions.

If you set the number of traps to maximum, they don’t hunt deer anymore, it seems. I usually set it to 2 traps. The slider needs to be modified to be more like the work camps where you can select to prioritize trees over rocks or vice versa. Sliding it all the way one way or the other makes them ignore the other product. I think that’s how the hunting lodge works as well, but the slider could be more clear.

well the thing about traps they work anywhere unlike deer hunting.
You do not need to place traps at a deer spawn site. My guess
that is why it shuts off deer hunting if you go max 4 since there
is no reason to go max 4 at a deer spawn site.