Patch SCREWED Months of work

I have mentioned these issues in 8 or so threads in the “bug” section.

Some of my friends have said they can also recreate that bug, but they do not run the 64bit version

Well, of my builds none are exactly broken, but dagallon set got reworked so if u were using it for a non purifier build, it’s gone from sub optimal to “why are u having this set for ur char that cant use fire strike”.

It is highly irritating though for someone who is on and off playing grim dawn. I have about 3 chars spread across 4 versions which are more or less dead due to completr rework of sets or item builds. It doesnt seem like a lot for the more hardcore players, but I have like a total of 8 chars so thats almost half gone from patches. Freaking sucks.

Others would call that a good thing. It’s an actively patched and balanced game. As a result, you have to adapt, change and think of other/better builds or itemisation.

For more active players yes, but for players that perhaps make one lvl 100 toon in 3 months… not so much

It’s all a matter of which players Crate listens to tho. There’s always one group who’ll get the short end of the stick

Crate also listens to reasonable ideas and feedback. That means people provide as much information as possible so they can better understand the issue, i.e. Grim Build Calc, uploading one’s character save file, etc.

If people just come to the forum to qq about how their build was destroyed by the patch - well then they really can’t do much about it.

When I play an actively (balancewise) patched game only once in a while, I should be aware of the fact, that my progress ist not being left untouched. Esp. in a complex ARPG like Grim Dawn. Also, what ibugsy said.

I stopped playing PoE years ago (and by “stopped”, I mean I deleted the entire content of my stash and all of my chars, so that if I was ever tempted to start again, I’d give up seeing how that would have to be completely from scratch) because, even though I only played on the “normal” realm, each new season brought so many balance changes that most builds that did well in the previous one wouldn’t even remotely work anymore; for the competitive people playing seasons, well, they didn’t mind, but that wasn’t my case, I like to keep my old characters around and play with them on occasion.

In Grim Dawn, they change balance in such a way that such a thing would never happen; at worst, it will cost you a potion of reshaping and some iron bits to fine-tune things again. I really don’t get what some of you are complaining about.

I don’t have an endgame Purifier atm so can’t say anything about that, but my Familiar Conjurer is still doing fine. Killing Lokarr takes a bit longer now, haven’t tried Ravager yet. The main content is still a walk in the park.
Familiar got +1 Projectile on Mythical Will of Bysmiel so if you’re using that amulet just take care of your pet’s positioning and it should be fine. Also what Crevette said, some fine-tuning should get you back on track. If you don’t know where to start, maybe post your build or at least tell us what exactly is screwed up after the patch.

if your definition of ‘dead’ is ‘not OP in Crucible’, then we have quite different ideas of ‘dead’…

I’m still at the beginners stage anyway

so this is not an observation of yours but a guess ?

But does it really bothers you that much? If you are a casual (like me) there are good chances that you will not end up completing 170 crucible with your toon. And if these particular combos of class+items were simply dominant, then i dont mind. I don’t have these toons and wont have :slight_smile:

The only Pet Conjurer I feel got screwed is the Chaos one, but even then I don’t know if screwed is the right word for that.

As for the rest, I somehow feel like pet builds might even end up stronger now…

What builds did we kill?

Please also include your definition of a dead build so I can tell how exaggerated your reaction is to this patch.

That is so profoundly absurd, I don’t even know where to begin.

Double Birb, Double BriarButt pet Conjurers :stuck_out_tongue:

Now you have to choose between either and can’t have both, that exact build is ded.

So the fact that you cannot have two ravens and two briars (not much into pet builds, but that is my understanding of what you talk about) any more somehow means that a pet build using these two masteries is now too weak to work ?

You can still have strong pet builds for those two masteries, probably with next to no adjustment, they just won’t have those 4 summons…
I guess your idea of what a build is, is way narrower than mine. If any small change for you constitutes a separate build, then I agree we lose and gain some ‘builds’ with each patch. If otoh a build is a more general concept, and making small changes to one spec is still the same build, then we lost no build, and a pet conjurer with 1 raven and two briars that does not struggle is essentially the same as a conjurer with two ravens and two briars that does not struggle either.

So your character is fine but you just don’t like that the over performing bird bonus was moved? Come on.

Losing a pet isn’t a dead build.

Let’s say someone who plays 3 hours per week only and finally drop that amulet that gave +1 Summon Familiar for her/his conjurer. Big chunk of nerf right there.

For someone that plays 3 hours per day and have all the items and +10 lvl 100 fully decked builds already. He/she are less likely to take less “patch damage” plus these players knows much more about the game and itemization so they have an easier time to adapt to changes.

so he is back to where he was 2 hours ago, big deal

I don’t understand…

I have so many purples that I sometimes would just take from me because I can’t put them in stash cuz it’s full and I don’t need, personally, all of those items.

I could easily help those guys who don’t have that much time to gather some purples or blues or greens (sometimes) and we could help each other out.

But no, when I try to give they refuse - And when I refuse, they ask.

It must be some kind of spot or place where I can’t get it right or, of course, not everyone will play where I play, but that doesn’t mean everyone won’t play with me. It’s really strange how people complain about not having certain item or anything really… you have chat… you have power of communication, if you have that much then you will get your needed item. I don’t believe everyone has high level of anxiety, you know.

Alright, so if N&O were both changed to 2-handers so that they can’t be dw’ed, then would you not say that the old N&O builds are dead?

WoB’s bonus was turned into an entire set that can’t be worn with Beastcaller’s. Meaning that build is dead. It is not that pet conjurers are dead.

We have very different definitions of “over performing”.

And Double Familiar, Double Briarthorn builds are infact dead since those builds are no longer possible.

I never said it made pet conjurers weak/unplayable/dead.