Patch today or tomorrow or on Thursday? Happy 4th Birthday Grim Dawn & Crate!

Need to know in order to plan agenda for the weeks ahead :slight_smile:

Everyday i check in on here or reddit. Its only a matter of days now, i’ve been quelling my urge to play this past 2 weeks or so. So i have my full enjoyment of the patch

Or friday

or even gasp next week if things go bad.

I’m refreshing the crate-tracker every hour/few hours now.

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Why not Saturday? In the previous week people were saying “this week for sure”.
Now it’s tomorrow. Has anything even been said on this topic except ‘end of the month’?

Later this month is what Zantai said on the 7th Feb. And in the latest GM:

Why, what’s on Thursday?

Definitely not tacos. That was on Tuesday.


Isn’t today a certain birthday? Or am I wrong about the date?

Nope. You are correct.

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Pax East of course. Would have thought you’d know that. :wink:

If I didn’t shave my head I would be pulling my hair out over the suspense of waiting for this patch, or at least the notes early.

I think all the changes, even if they are heavy handed will be great…as long as the notes don’t say:

Added two new skills called “bleeding edge” and “winters grasp”
Fixed all skills so that “bleeding edge”and “winters grasp” are the top viable skills

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this is a very MASSIVE patch. Better postpone for weeks, even months, so that we will all get a perfect patch with zero complaints… Better delay than disaster! you don’t want to end like Wolcen, Crate! :wink:


Happy 4th year Birthday Grim Dawn - just the right occasion for a present right @Zantai :slight_smile:

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Yes, happy birthday :smile: still waiting for the traditional birthday post