Grim Misadventure #168 - Sidelands

Grim Misadventures here with another report!

Last time, we went down memory lane to review how much has changed in Grim Dawn in 2019 (hint: it was a lot).

As you know, v1.1.6.0 is just around the corner. Later this month, to be exact! This is another major addition to the game filled with balance changes and improvements.

In the forefront are of course the upcoming Monster Totems, which are sure to spice up your Campaign exploration.

That’s not all, of course, as there is always MOAR.

Some things are more subtle…

While others come in the form of ten all new Legendary items and 4 new Monster Infrequents to track down!



We had some fun creating these as they offer some new twists on old formulas.

LagothAkMedal IlgorrMedal

If you want to see these items in action, we did a livestream recently where we showed a work-in-progress of all the items:

This update does not mark the end of the line for Grim Dawn though. With our Xbox port still on the way, we are pushing more performance improvements to the PC version and new content still awaits!

We’ve already teased you with this image to make those gears turn, but we’re not stopping there.

The Shattered Realm will continue to expand as well, with more shards, including new Shattered Guardian Domains.

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 03/23/2020 for the next Grim Misadventure.


New boss areas are gorgeous ! :heart_eyes:


Wow! Those SR new areas are amazing work. Congrats to the guys responsible. :champagne:

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No brand new online servers. meh :grin:

Thank you for the “always show double rare” option! You guys DO listen to the community like no other company after all :smile: New SR rooms also look great visually!


Wait a minute. That one-handed axe has bonuses to Primal Strike. The skill won’t be restricted to two-handed anymore?

heavy breathing
thousand like!

Blessed be, a reason to kill Ilgorr after so many years.

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Thank you for the new show double rare option in the loot filter. Now I am only missing some small little sound toggle buttons in the lootfilter :smile:. I cant wait to hunt down these new monster totems and to explore the new areas later on! Thanks also for your continuous support!

Just the axe enables Primal Strike to be used with 1-handed. Like the Spellscourge Shield and Devastation.

No picture of second Ilgorr and Lagoth’Ak MI
Wait nevermind no picture of many items so I guess it’s intentional :sweat_smile:

Here they are from screenshots of the livesteam.



Awesome :smiley:

Monster totems. Yay!

Always show double rares

Oh my. Thank you!

1st update of 2020 looking very promising.

Thank you @Zantai for #168 MA. Taking a chance of recognition in this thread I would like to ask in the name of polish community of GD players for one small change in the game UI - we would like to have the font in lore notes changed to smth more readable - maybe Arial with bigger size? Would it be possible to implement that? For now we need to edit database.arz file every patch on our own and that is pain in the **s. Just think about this small improvement, because now reading of lore note is a chore! Thanks! GP.

ps. here is the picture showing how we have changed that: Spolszczenie grim dawn - polish translation for grim dawn

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I play Grim Dawn on a 55" about 3m away and find the text in lore notes and the quest journal hard to read as well.

Maybe that’s something they work on for the Xbox port.

It will allow only that specific weapon to use Primal Strike, not any 1 hander.

Thanks for all the amazing content. The “always” instead of “only” option is a very welcome surprise.