Peerless eye of Beronath question

Hello , I am fairly new to this game but and old gamer.
The question is about this specific item
Why is it that it is so popular in a lot of builds ?
I get the plus one to all skills is powerful, but the rest of the stats seem to be kinda meh.
Most people don’t even use the suffix on their skill bar.
What am I missing?

Its just hard to find amulet with offensive on it with crit. And +1 to all skill…its just to good. Tehre might be other amulets that are needed now that AoM is out and they complement the new builds better, or they are sets actually, but before the expansion most of the builds needed it.

Crit damage.

And +1 to all skills.

“Peerless” XD

That the stats on it are all very desirable. What makes you think the stats are meh out of curiousity?

If you ask me, I would say that it is not the peerless eye of beronath to be that good as much as other amulets being crap. For most builds (but mind you, not always), the amulets you can use are just mediocre, especially the ones part of sets. The peerless is very good with +1 to all skills, extra OA and crit damage and it works on any kind of build.

It has stats, that fit almost any build well. OA is very desired stat for anyone, and so is +1 to all skills and elemental resistance. Crit damage is also nice to have.

Though i assure you, there are many better amulets, for specific builds. Often, with far more powerful bonuses.
This one is just a “jack of all trades” choice.

@OP, you’re still thinking defensively bc you’re new. I was in that same frame of mind when I first started farming ultimate, and I couldn’t figure out why so many people were using peerless eye. However, as you transition to more of a “kill faster” instead of “omfg don’t die” mindset, that amulet becomes a good jack of all trades amulet for builds that have amulet spot open.

Thanks for all the replies, it does make more sense now.
It seems that there is an open roll on the amulet , my level 75 has life regen and my mythical has DA overall the rest of the stats are fairly close , so I don’t know if the 75 rolled great and the mythical crappy or that is the way it is , lol.

What you need the item to do is what determines what is great and what is crappy. Life regen is great if you have a build that has a heavy focus on it. DA is great if you need a certain amount to hit 2.7k and even if you are that high in DA extra DA is always handy.

It was difficult to get the normal one to drop .

Now like you say , a lot of builds are using the mythical version which has never dropped for me and is like getting a stonehide of kings to drop :stuck_out_tongue:

I think every build that uses one in the build section it would be nice to list alternatives .

I think I need about 6 lol , give it a couple of years :slight_smile:

And should moan more , edited to say a mythical version dropped today :stuck_out_tongue:

0_0 its a common drop. I see it once per 2-3 hours of Crusible farming.

I got mine from Kadala errr , Bella Fald and a level 75 version from trading.
As a side note there is not much difference between the level 75 and the Mythical, that is on the versions I have.

Don’t do crucible .

In 1400 hours I have had 2 normal ones drop in game .

And then today would you believe I had a mythical woohoo , just need about 5 more :stuck_out_tongue:

Beronath Eye amulet should get a new granted skill - the current one…i dont think anyone uses it…

It just needs to be unnerfed

Doesn’t seem that common to me, I have one normal and one mythical version.

That looks broken as shit. 26% crit damage and 4% Total Speed? No wonder it was nerfed. And the skill debuffing OA AND DA by 150 points, even if it had a 5 secs duration and 6 secs recharge.

What’s with the -50% physical and elemental resist on Unmake? Jeez.

What is so OP about that -150 OA and DA. Its insignificant. That is the item that should be in game, not the current…elite diff item. +1 to all skills makes it nice…but it cannot compare to a lot myth amus.

The granted skill, nerfed or not, is…why ? Put something with %chance on crit and thank you !

Please don’t assume nobody uses it. I use it on the cooldown. Getting 70 DA against a whole pack of mobs is not small to me. Specially with the added CC.
With the already nice stats on it, the on use ability is just fine.