People travelling by horse or stagecoach

With larger maps, even with stone roads, it takes a long time for people to walk across the map. I had a map with the only gold mine near the “edge of the world". I tried making houses near the mine, but they just ended up working elsewhere and had massive walking distance. It may help if the best houses could afford horses to ride, so that they could get to work. Public stagecoaches with routes (which are historically accurate), would also help. These measures would make it possible to have multiple villages on some maps, although either a “village boundary” concept, or simply a “max travel time” feature may be needed to prevent people from taking jobs a long way from home.


Another useful feature would be to have dedicated storage movers, that could travel and move items with horses or something faster than walking, this way you could build small communities further away but could still supply and grow them,

The programs for horse movements need to be fixed first. The current one has horses running barely faster than a villager running. You might be thinking of Victorian England with it’s myriad of coaches in London but virtually nothing outside, longer distances before rail was to get aboard a ship.

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The dedicated guys are wagons. Wagons used to just transport raw materials, not anymore.

If you have an ore mine far away, build wagons on the road to the mine until there are no more people carrying stuff on foot.

Wainwrights cost money, good idea though if you have a goldmine to supplement your market taxes.

So will wagons move food as well or just raw materials?
My point was i would want them to move food items etc not just minerals

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They will move food as well. You can click on a wagon and it will show you what they transported in the last year.
I just did a test: yes, wenn you build Wainwrights clos to the mine, they will focus more or less on taking care of those building first. If the mine is far away, buidl the wainwright close to your base and than reposition, that will speed up the process (as well as with temp housing, wells and so on)

Wainwrights move food into Temporary Shelters. They tend not to do any other food unless incredibly unbusy, I’ve found