Personal note

I wish i could take some note on my character for remembering what do i have to farm next.

A button to “sticky” component in the crafting panel would be helpful to.

Sorry for my english.

Use notepad.exe or buy a notepad in real life. :slight_smile:

It’s what i do but it’s not really ergonomic

Isn’t there a sticky note app for windows? Use that. You’ll be playing GD rather than do productive things afterwards :stuck_out_tongue:

You could use the [Tool] GrimChecklist - Because your memory sucks.

Talking about ergonomy, I would like to use hyperlinks in crafting. For example, relic require a relic requiring a relic requiring a component requiring a component. Instead of manual search for the root items to craft, I would prefer to find them by one click on the image of the required material.

Whenever I craft a Mythical Relic I have to pull a piece of paper and draw the whole tree of which relic requires which before starting. Not really annoying since I don’t craft much, but I understand your pain.