[Physical Caster] 2h-Forcewave Pure Physical Commando

So I just started this and am around level 20. When did folks feel a good time is to start Demo mastery? Would love a play-by-play if anyone has insight. Thanks!

You should be fine continuing and maxing Soldier’s mastery bar first and starting on Demo afterwards I’d say. There’s not really anything particularly important in Demo.

Gotcha, thank you!

Am following the guide for this build but need help with devotion paths. I’m 70 years old and hope someone would be willing to help. I’ve got an elementalist up to level 100 and kicking butt lol but also followed Mournslayer guide with the devotions all spelled out for me. Take this do that remove this etc:) Please someone help granny’s Commando kick some butt too!

Do you have these already?

“During leveling,you get Falcon Swoop first and rush to get Behemoth, Assassin’s Mark should be next on your list. These constellations help out with leveling, your constellation choices vary mostly on the basis of the gear you find while leveling.”

Hey, I have a question. What %cast speed do i need to have to get 0 CD for my forcewave ?

Not sure what you mean. The transmuter for Forcewave enables 100% cooldown reduction so Forcewave can be spammed with no cooldown. Casting speed has nothing to do with cool down in this regard.

Casting speed just means that you use Forcewave faster therefore, your damage per second when using it increases as it does.

What is a Transmuter for forcewave and when will it be available ? I mean level wise.

Tremor is the transmuter for Forcewave. It’s the green crystal in a circle that branches off the side of it. You can take it when you have at least 5 points in the Soldier mastery bar and at least 1 point in Forcewave.

Hi, i have a question, i’m currently lvl 78 and i have 3 legendary items of the optimal set, the helmet, the medal, and the gauntlets, but i have not the mythical version of these, is it still worth to equip it instead of the "newbie " set or should i focus on having the full newbie set ? thank you for your answer !

Hi guys, i’m just s stupid noob… Can you tell me the latest devotion route step by step like for moron. Thx :slight_smile:

Ive been experimenting with this build and it’s really fun, but I’m wondering if you can fill me in on the logic behind using blitz to proc blind fury instead of force wave. I get the benefits of having marked everything, but it seems like it’s better to have fury going off more frequently. I haven’t done any sort of dps calculation on it, so maybe it’s a dumb question. Let me know your thoughts!

IMO Forcewave is a kinda “ranged” skill, so you’ll not always be close enough for blind fury to actually be of any use

Fair. Though I’m not kiting with this build at all, and have found myself surrounded quite frequently, having to use blitz to reposition. Especially occurs when a bigger pack of hero mobs spawn.

When i initially tried out this build it just seemed like fury almost never procd which is why I pushed it to FW, and it feels good using it there. Maybe I’m missing out on a lot of extra damage from assassin mark though.

With endgame BiS gear you need that RR from assassins mark only on bosses or nemeses - and with high enough OA you’re able to apply it instantly and keep it with 100% uptime even bound to blitz. So, I guess, if you want to maximize your damage output through facetanking (wich is ofc real with that amount of defensive options), a “blind fury -> forcewave” binding will be better. But maybe I’m missing something. Better ask Chton, I guess :eek:

Thanks for the response! I don’t have all the BiS gear for this yet so maybe that will make a big difference down the line. Maybe Cthon will chime in here sometime and set me straight on the best way to play the build :slight_smile:

I actually put one point in thermite mines and found they proced Blind Fury WAY more often then Blitz was. Blind Fury procs are centered around the mine that procs it rather then my character; this leaves me free to kite without worrying about missing blind fury like a forcewave bind would(5m vs 10m ranges). Assassins mark and forcewave are OTP anyways.

I’m definitely not fully geared, so maybe Blitz gets way better at procing Blind Fury as I gear up? Mines give me a another button to manage which is fun though.

Not got back into Grim Dawn and started the Commando version of this build which seems very fun, reminds me a little of the Markovian Commando :cry: I just have one small question;

Do you take Falcon Swoop to start and then respec it out later as it doesn’t seem to be in the final endgame Devotion tree?

What do you know, I am a new player and been runing a very similar build on my Death Knight.

Nice necro

There are way more updated builds, that also contain DK. No idea why you are bothering replying in this thread with +2 year old builds.

Here are leveling guides for physical FW
[] Pure Soldier [HC] Beginner Forcewave 1-75 Leveling Guide + Endgame Options and Class Combos (soldier only build, that is good for focusing on the soldier mastery. Should be a no brainer to figure out how to make DK version, see below:)

[] Budget physical Forcewave Warlord (warlord though, here is how DK on a budget could/would look like: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwaqol2

Here is AlkamosHaters DK, it is the most up-to date build on the forum [] No-set Physical Forcewave Death Knight -> CR 4:50/ 170ex naked 6:55/ SR 105/ Ravager 2:20 + Mogdrogen 2:35 + Crate boss/ 75-76 farmer

This is the second time I am posting these links for you iirc :slight_smile: