Physical Resistance to Light's Defender set

Hi, Crate. I was wondering why Light’s defender set doesn’t have any physical resistance in it? We need that i would reckon coz it has no Physical resistance as of right now and i find it strange coz all the other sets or most of them grant physical resistance in some form or shape. Also here is the build im trying to pull off:Purifier, Level 94 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator with lights defender but thus it lacks in physical and so does the build in general :(. I would like to use the off-hand and dagger i am using in the build as of right now.


Big +1, it’s kind of impressive that for a supposedly heavy armor set, none of the Light’s Defender pieces have ANY physical resistance on them whatsoever. Not as a set bonus, and not on the individual pieces.

You’re not much of a “defender” if you get two-shot by anything that does physical damage. :smiley:

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