[Pierce Melee] The Blind Assassin - Pierce based Shadow Strike Infiltrator

This is my take on the famous Pierce Shadow Strike concept.

The build was previewed w/o a GT link on my Pierce Caster thread. A lot of credit goes to JoV’s Rune build concept that I extended to Shadow Strike and to Superfluff whose raw data helped me a lot.

Screenshot (with Word of Renewal, Pneumatic Burst, Deadly Aim and Inquisitor Seal)-


My Setup - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRRB44Z

BiS Setup (probably) - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2ge54WZ

No-MI Setup- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2j0WKqZ




Why use the phrase “Probable BiS”?

As you can see I am using epic pants and faction shoulders. That is because I don’t have the MIs to test things out. But even w/o testing I think the setup I provided there should be close to BiS

Is Assassin better than Unknown Soldier?

Node wise Unknown Soldier is better but the granted skill of Assassin is a great boost to single target DPS and AoE. So we prefer that.

Why not go for Harp instead of Panther?

Harp is great, but energy issues aren’t too bad. In a boss fight you won’t run out energy that’s for sure. OA and DA are also at somewhat decent levels, but crit bonus is lacking and since we dropped Unknown Soldier I had to go for Panther for the crit bonus.

Can’t you get Unknown Soldier along with Assassin?

I’d have to axe something that I value like Fiend or Behmoth or Ghoul. So I won’t recommend it.

The HP and armor seem a little low. Is it safe?

In my experience perfectly so. Just remember to not get swarmed by HP reduction mobs. You won’t die instantly even then tbh as I breezed through packs of oppressors and those Blight Fiend thingies
Most of the bosses are easy except for the gigantic asshole named Grava.

Any specific Blacksmith to craft the items?

Angrim because his Armor bonus and Physique bonus is the go-to smith for crafting.

In Closing-

Thanks again to JoV and Superfluff (also to him for recommending Bandicam)

For anyone interested in Aether SS you can check this out. I really like this build as it has a unique core concept and different approach to things than conventional Pierce Melee builds. Hope you guys enjoy this.



Another Unseeing Gaze build? Good to see you’re still putting the set to use :rolleyes:. Have you tried a Bleed build with it?

Not yet
Please tell me it works

really nice use on that belt, how does the buildperform overall ? it looks really solidbut im bit scared about the 10k hp

But how could you forget about amazing underused Fabius shoulderguards that give freaking flat pierce, man!

I think because the following:):

  1. The Flat cold from shoulder is 80% converted to pierce via ring and belt
  2. It’s easily obtainable
  3. It hard caps SS (so more flat pierce and more flat cold converted to pierce)

I think there’s a reason it’s underused. It’s crap imo. The plus skills on it are a big turn-off
Adding to fluff’s post I’d also add that this build requires more HP and therefore Zantarin’s Shoulders are BiS. Since Zantarin’s shoulders give me bonuses to Lethal Assault I get Flat damage and OA


Tip of the day, keep moving :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, standing in a single spot will get you killed in AoM which is why you need to keep moving. BiS version has more HP, on non-BiS version it’ll take you a few deaths to learn to pilot the build

Made a noobish mistake and had to do a quick fix

Made a noobish mistake and did a quick fix

Added a video (most likely the only build that’ll get a video, this shit is pretty time consuming :mad:)

(Yes my previous comment was deleted by me. I jump on every opportunity to reduce my stupidly high post count)

it is isn’t it:p

Congrats on your first video posted:D

What a shitty display! :smiley:

it’s not. a normal MQ video can cost me life max 5 minutes, recording and uploading to YT, not including the time to get to foundation of corpse. Then I dont use Bandicam. just normal recording from keyboard:p

OH SHI~ 1st video from Chthon, that’s an excuse to drink :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks to you of course. Bandicam was pretty handy :smiley:

Fraps kinda sucks for this stuff

The irony is real :smiley:

How does that work?:stuck_out_tongue:

You misspelled “last” :stuck_out_tongue:

On a side note I have never read Fitzgerald’s novel and never watched the movie either

Wow, First video from Chthon after 7K posts :smiley:
Nice Build btw !

Build looks interesting but could not open bis build and then realised you have an extra “h” in you https…

Didn’t notice this post
Thanks for pointing out. Should be fine now

Thanks :smiley:

Another major update to the devotion side of things. Ended up dropping Unknown Soldier. The more I look at other T-3 constellations the more I get convinced that there exists some conspiracy against Pierce damage type

Unknown Soldier is the only offensive T-3 constellation that doesn’t have any resistance bonuses. Sounds pretty fishy to me