Pine barrens motive

Does the character have a motive to explore the pine barrens act 3 areas other than to explore and try to collect resources? The pine barrens have: jagged waste, shaded basin, forgotten depths, bloodbriars lair, and tyrant’s hold.

There’s two devotion shrines (in normal) there

in higher difficulties, legend tells of a blacksmith at a fort in Tyrant’s hold that can craft legendary items imbued with the might of the gods! :eek:

And an exalted stash bestowed by the might of RNGsus.

The quests there are wicked easy to finish out and give you a solid amount of Black Legion and Homestead rep.

Well, it’s a side area, so it’s not mandatory to proceed with the game… but you definiteley should explore it for the reasons listed above. It’s also the o̶n̶l̶y̶ best place place to farm Manticore Eyes.

Besides what’s been mentioned so far, it isn’t the best farming area but not a bad one nonetheless, 3 - 4 guaranteed named bosses is acceptable.

Not to mention nice area to get much needed normal components (claws, spikes, etc.)

It has a nice view

Or farm for a Groble Stone Effigy or a Groble Ember Effigy.

Don’t forget the Treasure Trove in Tyrant’s Hold with 2 ensured dynamite spawns, with a third spawn that is either Dynamite or Ancient Heart from the boss.

You could also get them from PV.

I honestly love when developers add areas like this. It’s like: “Hey, there’s this optional area that you don’t have to do, but you can get good stuff if you do it.”.

Some other RPGs like Final Fantasy like to do this too and it’s always a joy.

Yes. No hurt in going there and you are not even forced to do it. Areas like these are always welcome. Storywise it might feel a bit awkward but who cares.

Unlike Asterkarn Valley which has zero quests [unless you’re stupid enough to pick Kymon or completely brain dead and kill Anasteria (excluding role-playing people)]
Pine Barrens is actually pretty nice

Except the Gloomweaver part (why spiders? please change :eek:)

I make both choices on my characters, that way I have access to all level 70 augments. Standard and Elite you make 1 choice max out their rep, buy all their augments. Make different choice in Ultimate

That’s common practice. But some people genuinely prefer Kymon as a faction and think killing Anasteria is a sound decision :eek:

Yes, how dare people to pick the obvious faction choice for their Fire/Lightning builds and god forbib people from pick their favorite choice… Jesus Christ, these types of statements makes me lose hope in these boards… :undecided:

To get Anastaria’s unique, do I have to have her at nemesis level ?

Legendary version yes, not sure about epic version