Plants that player can plant should be increased

Herbs and medicinal roots should can be planted in Crop field.
Nuts and berries should can be planted in arborist.


When I first started playing there was the ability to transplant certain plants, maybe that could be brought back, attached to one of the decorative gardens. Alternative is to give the foragers a 3x3 garden to grow specific herbs.

I would hope in the future that there was a feature of a Tier 2 of the Forager Hut, or even a separate building, where the Forager can build a 1 Square building (one per upgraded Forager Hut). Herbs and Medicinal Roots (either gathered or bought from Auction House) can be put in this building (without ability to withdraw or spoil) until it turns into a permanent Herb Seed or Medicinal Root Seed, which then allows then to be planted in a small Garden, which acts like Field.

This would make this mechanic interesting since fertility is a factor, and also keeps the difficulty in line when playing on maps like Arid Highlands (which have no Herbs or Medicinal Roots usually).


Last map I played was lacking herbs and roots and I had to rely on trader for them the entire game. was fun in the early game…but boring as years passed. Would be super cool if I could have planted them with a lvl 2 forager, for example.

As it is now lvl1 forager gets old as soon as you start crops…only reason to keep them around is for herbs and roots, if the map have them.

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On a map like Lowland Lakes where you’re putting a Forager down for Herbs, Medicinal Roots, and Willow, there is a pretty handy use for the berries too.

If you disable Berry storage in all food storage/Markets except for one in your industry sector (one used for raw meat storage for Smokehouses, or maybe you have a spare 2x6 spot), your workers on industry will eat them when seeking food, which can stave off instances of Scurvy.

Temporary Shelters in the industry sector can sometimes get Fruit stocked, but Wainrights aren’t concerned about your villagers specific nutritional needs, just keeping them fed. So this can reduce Scurvy quite a bit.