Player insta death on Boss kill

I reported this death not all too long ago Instadeath on elite death from aetherial vanguard in malmouth and I present to you another case that feels to me basically the same way since once again I cannot explain this kind of damage: Twitch

The character at the time of death: Witch Hunter, Level 91 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator


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Don’t get shotgunned.

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But hey, you got the XP drop.

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random useless speculation you got a multi hit on glove slot? - while totally unluckily getting the aura triggered? Potentially eating 3 attacks “at the same time”, (aa+nova+buff projectile)

It’s the reduction of DA by 285 that killed you during the projectile launch, bringing your DA to 2175 and seems to me you got hit by 2 projectiles. You likely took crit damage from 3 flat damage sources (physical,aether and fire) and 2 DOT damage (burn and poison) all at the same time. With a 1.2K armor and the gas cloud reduced your HP by 23%. RIP. That’s why I rarely play melee in this game.

the DA reduct/crit only corresponds to a 10% dmg increase, and with a only 5% crit chance it’s probably not multi crit on eating the mass projectiles
*since slathsarr has no bonus crit dmg there it would just be the base increase

Getting hit by two projectiles(both of them crits), would result in about 4k damage at most on this char.

Is the 4K damage max includes the crit damage from burn and poison too? 2175 DA (after debuff) and 1.2K armor is quite low on Ultimate difficulty, unfortunately. As Gnomish mentioned above if it’s a 10% damage increase then I would assume its an 10% damage increase on EACH damage type from four separate sources.

Physical, aether, fire from two projectiles.
Burn DOT and poison DOT
Slathsarr permanent aether Aura
Gas cloud that deals additional poison dot on top of flat acid damage with 23% HP reduction.

Also your HP was at 11412 just from the burn and poison DOT at the first instance, and if you replay the Twitch stream you took DA reduction 1 second before you died. It seems to me that armor and DA is equally important despite you having Veil of Shadow, Giant’s Blood, Possession and 52% Physical resistance which is crazy. People often underestimate crit damage from enemies in this game.

Of course I’m not advocating for crazy 2800++ DA or 5K armor, but for non-SR and non-Celestial content, I think 1800 armor with 2500DA and 30-40% Phys res is quite safe (of course the more the better).

The char has all res capped and 53% phys res… it’s literally impossible to die like this here.

DoTs don’t oneshot

Yes they don’t, hence i mentioned just from the DOT’s alone your HP went down to 11412. FWIW, 2 of Slathsarr projectiles is slightly less powerful than Aleksander’s archmage meteor.

52% phys res is definitely high, but armor is equally important too. The game’s mechanic of projectiles / fragments for some reason is extremely, extremely powerful, both for monsters and players side like RoK, Phantasmal Blades or Ravenous Earth.

when i calced ealier, factoring in slathsarr spirit/cunning, while not remembering what the new mutators meant, and Protoss would have had to eaten like 5-7projectiles to die like that, which doesn’t really make sense based on the angle/death screenshot ceno has ?

significantly less powerful
aside from Aleks obviously having way more cunning and spirit + base %dmg than slathsarr, alek’s meteor dealing 1 single large phys dmg portion is significant in terms of dmg reduct vs eating a multi projectile, since you’re doing multiple armour checks vs one (and ofc sunder difference :grin:)

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From my calc on stream assuming unlucky crits, etc., basically worst case scenario I should take 9k as an absolute maxiumum in damage from slath’s 3projectile attack (which he doesn’t use here) and to die from the 14 projectile, RoH style attack I would’ve had to get hit by at least 7 of them. Even with 2.5m explosion radius, which is tiny, I don’t see a world where I got hit by more than 3 or maybe 5 at max explosions at the same time at the time of death.

I also just realised that I forgot to take Possession’s %absorb into account when I did my calcs, so the damage taken should be even lower.

So far I don’t see anything that makes me not think that this is a bug.

the 14 to 11 k jump one sec before dying was imo me getting hit by 3 projectiles from the RoH style attack.

I facetanked literally all of his abilities throughout the entire fight, none of them ever took me below 10k.


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