Please add a focus on buildings destroyed by raids

In the raid summary, you get notified that so many resources were taken, and so many buildings destroyed.

Could you please add a way to focus in on which buildings were destroyed? Right now, it doesn’t even tell you which buildings it was, so the player has no way of knowing if it was 3 fences (not so bad), or 3 storage units (ouchies!)

A zoom similar to how you jump right to a predator attacking your villager would be a huge help in rebuilding here, rather than scanning all over the map for those broken buildings (which you don’t even know which they are).

A zoom into where items were stolen from might help, too, as it’s very hard to see the raiders on the map, even during the raid, and it’s hard to see which building(s) they managed to hit to raid.

Thanks for listening; enjoying the game quite a bit so far (despite it being EA and still needing some tweaks… :wink: )


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