Please help me update my Stronghold set Purifier so we can see the limits of the set

Feel free to suggest any kind of changes, even class changes. I want to test a highly optimized bust possible case scenario of this build so I can give feedback for the stronghold set.

He’s obviously more stacked on the survival side of things but his kill speed has suffered tremendously. I want to keep him on the more defensive hardcore side of builds while still trying to push him into those high shards.

Do you really need to make it so defensive?
Here’s my take on stronghold, posted in some thread asking for post FG purifier:

Didn’t post it because the build is too boring.
I think SG set is the best pair with stronghold.

Stronghold have enough survival with Justice Guard
Left side of Devotions is better

Thanks guys. Wayyyyy better than my old char. Though the super overcaps with MI’s is hard to pass up, kill time matters for survival as well.