Please help! Trying to get Grim Internals to work with GrimCam

Hello folks, please help me to get GrimCam working so I can enjoy this glorious game even more!

I have installed Grim Internals as the first recommended action, and I have Grim Internals working. I have also copied the 3 GrimCam files to the grimdawn folder, run steam, and run grimcam.exe as administrator, and I get an error message;

“Grimcam.exe - Entry point Not Found
The procedure entry point
[email protected]@[email protected]@QAEPAVGraphicsEngi
[email protected]@XZ could not be located in the dynamic link library”

Very nice people on reddit suggested I use Grim Internals to make it work, I have GI going but I don’t know what to do next. Should there be options for GrimCam showing on the configurator?.. I see the disable fog checkbox, but nothing else about fov, or pitch etc.

Another potential clue is a recent comment under nexusmods grimcam saying;

"If you want this mod as a standalone in 2021 you simply need to edit one letter in the Engine.def and recompile .dll and .exe. (Don’t worry, the makefile has you covered.)It is no longer “QAEPAVGraphicsEngine” but “QBEPAVGraphicsEngine"So the Engine.def should read:LIBRARY Engine.dllEXPORTS_ZN4GAME7gEngineE==?gEngineGAME3PAVEngine1A_ZN4GAME6Engine17GetGraphicsEngineEv==?GetGraphicsEngineEngineGAMEQBEPAVGraphicsEngine 2XZ_ZN4GAME14GraphicsEngine9EnableFogEb==?EnableFog [email protected] QAEX_NZ”

I use a xbox controller too, which when the GrimCam files are copied to the base game directory, with GI installed, the rightstick ‘control camera’ stops working…

Thank you!

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