Please make Hardcore mode more rewarding

I like the tension of an almost lost battle. There is nothing more exciting in this game like this. That’s why I stick to HC mode. I just can’t change to non HC mode because it lacks that tension.
That’s why I would like the devs to give this mode some more love.
Maybe do something about the drop rates of legendaries. Than again I find it cool that an item that’s supposed to be very rare, is actually rare. But I played almost 90 hrs and opened maybe over 5 of those special chests. They contained nothing really good. Expacially after beating Alkamos on HC veteran I felt such a big pleasure because I was sure I wouldn’t survive. And the loot was meh.

Also there are cases where it’s not your fault that you died. Being blocked by a monster when wandering on the acid/aether ground for example. Someone on steam said that resistances have no effect on those grounds. I didn’t know that before.
I was super prepared with high resistences on my way to the next skeleton key boss and then I died this way.

Maybe some special ability to not lose one of your favorite items you had equipped even after death would be cool. For a high price or for something that’s difficult to get. And maybe limited for one item.

Or better better markings of locations on the map. I tend to forget some places. Could be some item too that improves the distance of revealing some important spots on the map. Something like a compass

Another thing I would like to see is the possibility of automatically collecting scrap, just like iron bits.

I’m playing without any expansions btw. If there is already something new for HC mode in an expansion I couldn’t know.

Anyway the game is great, but I feel like I need a break for now.

Shouldn’t hardcore be a mode where you pay attention more than you’d normally do on top of being a “one way ticket” mode?

I don’t know any game that rewards players more when you play on hardcore. All games I heard of and had hardcore mode were basically either the same as normal mode or were even harder and/or had lower loot in general.

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I just wish it would be less time consuming. Then call it hardcore lite. It would be something new in the arpg genre. I still like the Idea of some ways to shorten the way you have to go, to get there where you died faster. This isn’t about making the game easier, but to prevent too repetitive grinding.

You have a forum full of mods and tools, you even have the mod tools themselves available to you, to make the game be whatever you so choose. Grim Dawn’s journey in life began roughly a decade ago - my, how time flies.

I think I can say with a fair degree of confidence that Crate will not be making drastic changes to the way Hardcore as a mode functions all these years later.

Then push a character into Ultimate Forgotten Gods expansion and buy some Merit Tokens which allow you to skip up to Ultimate with a very low level character. Only one playthrough needed then.

Last expansion came out in march. And there is a ‘Ideas and Feedback’ forum :stuck_out_tongue:
But such core mechanics like a whole game mode won’t most probably be changed. You’re right

At this point in time it also happens to be currently know as: the last expansion.

And I will try mods at some point. Are achievements working with mods?
I mean the Steam achievements

I am not completely sure on this but I think I heard that achievements supposedly did. Someone with better knowledge of that particular facet will have to verify tho.

Alright, some ppl on reddit say achievemnts work with mods. That’s cool

There is a tool that does this, among other things. I can tell you Grim Internals is well worth its weight in iron bits.

Crate’s devs have made it clear -many times- they have no intention of doing this.

Check it out:

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I’m gonna buy the expansions when the steam sale starts this month. Good to know I can progress faster then

Grim Tools is full of many tools. At this point in time it, and Grim Internals, are probably the 2 most popular, and useful, tools for GD. I suppose GD Stash and Item Assistant also rank alongside them as well.

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Some mods/tools don’t interfere with Steam achievements, others do. Something like Grim Internals won’t, but a mod like Grimarillion I think will. The difference is GI is a 3rd party tool whereas Grimarillion is a mod which affects the base game.

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Hmm maybe that’s where I got ‘unsure’ of the veracity of the mod claim. I was under the impression early on that “MODS” did not work with achievements. Then I started seeing people claim that they did.

Maybe those people were making the mistake of naming the “TOOLS” as “MODS”. It’s a distinction I wish some people would learn to differentiate between.

You can get all achievements regardless of the mod you’re using. Achievements are still rewarded in custom games.

Are they? I thought I read somewhere that they didn’t work for achievements. If they do that’ll make people interested in getting them happy.

Steam Workshop Mods disable Steam achievements. Not sure if gamedevs can override that in their settings for their games or not. Third party mods that do not affect the particular flag set by the devs for unlocking an achievement, (kill xxx # of yyy/ secure XXX location/ craft aaa # of times, ect.), in the game files itself, generally do not prevent Steam achievements from unlocking. Though they may trigger any anti-cheat measures that they game has (which should not be an issue with Grim Dawn… no VAC servers or Denuvo or BattlEye…).

There also aren’t any Steam Workshop mods for GD, being as GD doesn’t have workshop support. :wink:

Devs can absolutely override that in their settings, though I’m rather curious if that’s default to Steam as you allege or whether disabling achievements when using workshop stuff is something devs need to do in the first place. I’ve played plenty of games that unlock achievements while using stuff from the workshop.

Can’t tell you how Steamworks is set up, whether devs decide if Workshop or third party mods disable achievements or not, or if it is set by default, depending on the type of mod (I have never seen a Language Localization Workshop Mod that disables achievements). I and my husband just make supported (Workshop or otherwise) mods, we don’t make games for Steam, so neither of us has any inclination to read the Steamworks documentation or instructions for devs. You would have to read (and understand) the Steamworks articles on it. Various Steam Community threads exist on it, and give conflicting info. So… happy hunting. :upside_down_face: