[Poison Caster] Poisonous Bone Reaper - Poison based Bone Harvest Necromancer

So I’m feeling a little lazy for full blown guides at the moment. So the write-up will be short.
This is a pretty straightforward build utilizing the already existent Necromancer set for Poison based Necromancer. Since Casters have always suited my playstyle I went the Caster route based around Bonervest skill

Gearing -

GT - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0w7QJ2

-Nidalla Relic is decent with the way it works but with all the conversion Uroboruuk’s Reaping is far better due to granted skill being better than Nidalla’s Final Strike. You’re not in melee ranged for long despite having melee skill like Reaping Arc
-Ghoul’s Vitality Decay node, Dread’s Vitality Decay damage are important as we have 100% conversion. Elemental Awakening isn’t just for resists, conversion makes us use that frostburn damage as an extra source of poison damage
-I capped my DA on my own setup in that pic since I’m paranoid but I do recommend using Ravager’s Breath instead of Ravager’s Eye in one of the two slots. Don’t use it on both otherwise you’d be too squishy
-Harbinger of Souls will boost Poison Output to new heights but I don’t think loosing out on OA, DA and resist is really worth it. I personally like my crits the way they are.

The only thing central to the build is the Deathguard set that adds Poison damage to Bonervest

In Closing-

Credits to Superfluff his Acid Melee variant helped me improve upon the original build

I know the guide is short. I am more focused on testing out problems with skills at the moment than on actual builds. But since Necromancer has been one of my all time favorite masteries in any ARPG I’ve played so far I felt like posting something on GD’s Necro

The build is a DoT caster which means high QoL as you make DoTs do the dirty work and can kill anything in the game, despite using Reaping Arc the QoL is there. Although due to the skill hungry nature of the build it might need a little getting used to. This is a good alternative to Dreeg’s Evil Eye casters


The skill is called Bone Harvest


Reserved for later

nice build as always

Thread of the long bones :slight_smile:
Nice to see your first expansion build, Chthon.


looks really nice
glad to see your first build of exp, first of many others !!

(still “working” on my set up, while i dont have full set yet and you guys posted two builds about it :rolleyes:)

I can’t seem to able to outmeme that :rolleyes:




Try out the old farming routes. Not sure if bad RNG or bug but the new areas aren’t as rewarding as old ones to me
Royal Hive, Forsaken Wastes and Obsidian Throne. And mind you open the random chests on your way. I got 3 legs in a single run from trash chests

Avoid Rogue dungeons besides BoC. Since BoC rewards me the most imo

Nice build :smiley: Surprised at the belt choice but looking through, I’m not seeing anything good for Poison anyway :undecided:

Hey nice build man, but something i dont understand.

You say its a DoT caster but i see that you got SS lvled up so you going in with SS then cast BH in their face? Thats a melee caster, i dont see any QoL on that.

Please correct me if i m mistaken maybe i didnt get something right.

Whats the final cooldown on BH after all the equipment?

My poison dee witchblade seems safer than this. This looks fun though ; although oa is not enough for me

The QoL here is you SS to their face, cast things and can get away from them while the DoTs do your damage

CD on BH? I didn’t notice tbh, nothing reduces the skill’s CD too much as in this build CDR is a bonus feature. You should have roughly 2 sec CD on it

Comparing a shield soldier to a non-shield, non solider. Yup, can’t see any fault in the logic behind such a comparison at all:rolleyes:

OA is fine, you can crit things with this OA. Crit chance ain’t too shabby either. This has a little extra survivability than a DEE WH in my experience thanks to the HP and MoT skill
DA is decent and there’s always VoS for enemy OA reduction

Surprised that you were surprised at all :eek:
Since Necro is the main mastery I had to pick the best Necro belt

It sucks we don’t have a +all skills belt :frowning:

You say

Then say this.

So you are making fun of my comparison while you do the same with both faulty and contradicting arguments? You are trying to justify your defence while you are doing same “faulty” comparison… Hmm… Best logic so far gratzi. All i said was other poison caster build being both safer and having more crit chance/damage and you got offended.

Thought there’d be a decent Legendary belt for Poison/Acid that you’de be using but when I looked through, I couldn’t find one :undecided: But yeah, it probably is best looking through if only because the only other + Necro belt is for pets.

The part about the OA, DA and crit pertains to your statement this build had lesser OA according to your standards. I always have a habit of talking about OA and DA simultaneously so spoke about the DA while talking about OA part. The part of about the witch hunter wasn’t faulty as it too is in essence a dual-wield caster and has similar defensive lines. Unlike a Witchblade which using a friggin’ shield

Hmm soo, so my opinion is flawed because i said something that is correct and “of course it is” as you said. Please reply everyone with same thing when they say something that is common fact =). I should have known that common facts are forbidden to write in this forum.

There is no flawed comparison because they are both “caster” poison builds. What else should i compare? Firestrike and this?. Also how do you know my build have specced overguard and using a legendary shield? I am using empowered devil’s grind without overguard. Still progressing ultimate and when i get upgrade my shield it will be better.

Yes you are offended because you start to attack without me attacking or bashing the build. “Safer” means does not “better” but since you are softy mommy’s boy, everybody who does not like your build will touch your weak points he? Time to grow up. Your all life can be this game without having no success in your other life parts but this does not give you rite to say anything you want.

  1. Common facts aren’t forbidden. But it had no place here and the comment wasn’t necessary
    Shield defense is still something that beats most other defenses. Soldier also helps with a bunch of other defensive lines. If you think Shield defense and Dual wield defense are comparable then you literally need to have your head examined

  2. Really, mate? That’s the best insult you can conjure up? I was beginning to enjoy this exchange and then you pulled out the “grow up” cliched bullcrap
    Jesus Christ, i guess you’re just another unimaginative doofus who is oblivious about internet ethics and lacks the “spark” for creative replies

Unlike you my comparison isn’t flawed as comparing a shield user to a dw user isn’t prudent. I am not trying to justify anything the reply is meant to put to perspective that a DW WH is a much better comparison for this build which is also a DW build, had this been using shield then you can compare it with Shield Witchblade and in that case comparison with a DW Witch Hunter wouldn’t have been wise

But as you probably have realized this won’t go anywhere as the moderators have cleaned up the insult train. I do not wish to continue this and I advice you to not post anything else as it would spiral down the same road and this time I won’t be as gentle as before. This will add more work for the mods

I never understood this

Occultist is a servant of dreeg (screw the other two). Why no poison bonus on belts :frowning:

What am I missing? With your build you do Bone Harvest and…what? You don’t take anything else the set offers a bonus to. Bone Harvest isn’t enough by its self and is meh for anything but a buff to your damage IMO. So I don’t understand this take on it…

Where’s the “caster” here?

He also uses Shadow Strike and the granted skill from the Nidalla relic. The build is based around stacking high amounts of Poison and then kiting while they tick down.

Give this topic a look-over to understand how DoT builds work fundamentally.

I don’t need to understand the concept,the relic answers my question…I guess.

Still seems weird to ignore a lot of the set. But god knows you don’t get a lot of HP to be DW meleeing with this build. It’s what put me off of it.