[Poison Caster] Poisonous Bone Reaper - Poison based Bone Harvest Necromancer

Nothing wrong with not using bonuses to Reaping Strike or the other skills except Bone Harvest. You don’t have to have every piece of armour or armour set be useful to your build in terms of what + skill bonuses it has. You’re still getting points out the bonuses to Bone Harvest. Some pieces are good enough that you wouldn’t care what the + skills it had were for - Handguards of Justice used to be one of these off the top of my head, same goes for the old Light’s Defender Gauntlets.

Health isn’t too much of a concern for this build due to the kiting aspect and other things like Mark of Torment. You’re not going to be facetanking constantly unlike others.

Baka has already said what I intended to say :smiley:

But in general with DoT builds one of the best things is to be able to kite. The rest of the bonuses don’t mesh well with the caster playstyle

Have you tried swappung your mainhand for a myth plaguebearer or dreeg? Pretty sure the flat poison x your weapon damage would outperform your 2nd dagger. To say nothing of tge proc.

Ah that thing, it still eludes me and therefore can’t test it

I did consider it, on one hand I get more RR. On the other i loose Vit -> Acid conversion, crit bonus, +skills

It’s was a tough call but I couldn’t make it w/o getting the actual item

What are the greens you’re using in the picture?
Incorruptible Gollus’ Ring of Nature’s Bounty,
Stonehide Exalted Tread of King,
and the pant?

OA in your picture is better than from GT link

Why not post your current gear, it is better than your ideal GT setup

You don’t quite understand, just because they’re good doesn’t mean they’re BiS.

I also have the added advantage of Bella Fald/Etram Fald crafting stuff for me. Some equipment that she can’t craft (jewellery) due to some bug is covered by Etram.

With 4-5 people working on farming stuff for Bella Fald you can pretty much guess how efficient she is for crafting stuff.

It’s okay if they are not BiS, please let me know what are the excatly your ring, pant, and boot, in your active setup on the pic

I might be dumb, but i can’t see what enables dual-wielding in the grimtools :confused:

Breath of Belgothian. No need to thank me, mortal.

Did you just assume that skeleton gender??? :rolleyes:

I haven’t got around to crafting anything from this new smith yet. What’s the difference between her and Etram? (Yes, I assumed her gender too)

Sorry just noticed this. She is the same as him

And guide got updated actually

You asked for it.


Altered skills a little. Setup updated

Dafuq :D:D:D

I’m not very accustomed to the game yet, but may I ask why you picked Master of Death if you don’t use any summons? Are the player bonuses just that good or am I missing something?

You’re not missing anything, the player bonuses (OA and DA) are literally that good :smiley:

Chthon, your build gave me an idea for poison Cabalist caster build. I would like to try DEE + BH combination. The concept is not finalized yet, but at the first glance it could something like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2z65WR2. Feedback and comments are appreciated. :slight_smile:


I have something like this in the works, I think I even shared a GT of it on some random thread

Found it^

Since we lack RR I had to add DB in rotation to increase kill speed. That’s the non-MI setup, I am still tinkering with MIs and will add the setup to this guide once I am done

Hm, what if we use DEE with no CD and new relic together?

That’s what I am testing with atm. The aura nature of the RR makes it pretty useful.
The testing is b/w Deathstalker and Contagion. Personally I lean towards the latter

On the original build Deathstalker seems to be better than Contagion though

I see. Need to make more runs to get the blueprint. BTW, how much will we lose in Bone Harvest damage without second dagger?