[Poll] Does Scales of Ulcama need a buff?

Well, constellations with flat-RR currently have three choices, but many builds choose Revenant. Some builds use Manticore, but few (or none) builds use Ulcama. So I think Ulcama should be more competitive.

my proposal:

  • Swap the positions of 2 and 3, 4 and 5.
  • +4% Changed MS to Total Speed.
  • Add something useful in the lower left position. (Race damage increase / decrease,% OA / DA, etc.)
  • How about changing Proc’s Vitality damage to weapon damage? Many Vitality builds select Rattosh + Dying god + Revenant. If you choose Rattosh + Dying god, you can’t afford 8 yellow.
    and Instead of lowering the absorption rate and reducing the cooling time to 3 s (twice slower than now), use a small range of AoE. If AoE is not used, consider setting the cooling time to 0.8s (half the current time).

Vote below has nothing to do with the contents of my proposal.
Please vote for what you want.
Also welcome comments. Please tell me your opinion.

  • Yes. Both tree and skill need improvement.
  • Yes. Either tree or skill needs improvement.
  • No. It is enough as it is now.

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Revenant will remain a meta pick because that’s the attack damage route with 6% total speed from Jackal, 6% from revenant itself as well as some ADCtH from revenant. 10% less damage from undead is also pretty good if one recall that Reaper of the Lost is Undead. I’d still get everything but a proc if it’s reverted on most attack damage builds.

Ulcama would had been a second best flat RR constellation after Revenant if only it applied it’s proc in an area around the character. Without that change I’d always look for RR elsewhere.

Manticore is more or less only worth considering on poison builds.

Elemental builds sometimes prefer Rhowan Crown if they can’t find flat RR elsewhere.

EDIT: love your weapon damage instead of vitality damage proposal, would support that along with giving AOE to the proc.


I would change the proc to be on area. Right now it’s almost useless. Weapon damage instead of vitality is a great suggestion as well.


The problem is that proc is extremely useless for RR procing. I tried it with RE Cabalist and wasn’t satisfied. As whole Revenant is very good way of flat RR, but is not utilized fully in RE build, I don’t need neither the AdctH or Speed. So Scales is natural choice, but definitely the proc needs improvement. Otherwise stats are little bit lackluster, but good proc can compensate.

I think, procs and devotion overall is OK. Maybe, change vitality damage on proc into more befitting pierce or fire, but no more. Yes, as primary and only RR source, that proc sucks. So what? It has many other strong benefits - energy leech (buffed recently to work on bosses, BTW) and leech.
And as secondary RR (to improve RR uptime), it’s nice.

Then you don’t agree it’s so rare to see build using Ulcana? I mean the nodes are ok and proc leech is decent, but AoE range to proc is must in order to justify selection. As damage of the proc, it should be vitality, it’s incorporated heal . Plus vitality can be converted in some builds, like Gladiator belt to physical for example .

Hmm, so despite in already having huge energy leech, ADCTH and RR, and procs on being hit (thus requires no “proccer” skill), you want it to be AoE on top of that? Isnt that a bit too much? Some devotion procs dont have any of that, just a mediocre damage. Why Scales of Ulcama should have everything at once?
As for damage, it’s kinda wierd that pure order devotion proc deals vitality damage, which is supported primarily by chaos devotions, essentially the opposite of order.

It…isnt an AOE currently? Thats shockingly bad lol.

Bard’s harp is 100% better than this for energy regen since it also come with big chunk of DA/OA, meanwhile for flat RR revenant and manticore both offers aoe RR while also have decent devotion routes. Scale is in the middle of no where, needs 6 nodes to get a very poor return of devotion, it needs a buff imo.

The fact that it isnt even AOE is just god awful.

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Even without AoE, it provides tremendous boost to energy sustain. It also automatically heals you occasionaly as enmies hit you. Finally, it also reduces enemy resist, and although you cant rely on it as only RR source, there are builds, who cant keep RR from other source with 100% uptime. For example Warcry for physical builds without certain set - it has CD longer than duration (and isnt guaranteed to affect all enemies). Even “normal” RR devotions, when linked to certain abilities, might prove to be a bit unreliable - due to range, RNG, number of ticks, etc. Having another RR sorce to improve uptime isnt bad at all.

Well, it’s if you can affort to get enough affinity…
I agree, that Revenant and Bard’s Harp are kinda OP. But what about Tempest? Dire Bear? Affliction? I wont even mention T1’s like Bull or Tsunami… I’d get Scales of Ulcama above any of them, its proc is far more useful.

Bull and Tsunami is actually used in some builds. Bull for easy proc forcewave trauma build. Tsunami for some cold or physical build with leviathan. They both have weapon damage in them as well as flat too. They are aoe. They are also immediately available.

Scale of Ulcana requires a whooping 8 yellow points just to be available, a single target flat vitality that procs on hit.


Tsunami is actually very good T1 proc. But yes, biggest ptoblem is affinity. Most of the time you don’t need more than 8 points in yellow, you don’t need actually even 8. So it’s automatically exotic constellation. And if it’s stronger, it doesn’t mean it will be used often in builds. Cause right now, it’s hard to justify breaking your route to get it. And yes, Bard’s Harp is better. Extra argument is you get not only regen, OA and DA, but also slow resistance, vital for both auto attackers and spamming casters.

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Scales of Ulcama is also actually used in some builds. Sure, things like Bard’s Harp or Revenant are used more often (not to mention “mandatory RR devotions” like Widow, Solael’s Witchfire, etc).

Every devotion is “used in some builds”. But name one top-tier build that uses it. There are none. Because it’s not good enough to make sacrifices for and fit in Vitality/Pierce/Physical devotion routes.

It should be either buffed or the affinity cost should be reduced to 6 yellow.


Lightning AAR not top-tier enough?
And who said you have to use it only for vitality/pierce/physical builds?

It might be not as much as Harp (especially for builds with huge energy pool), but nevertheless, it’s a very strong sustain boost. Not every build can grab harp easily.

Not with that devotion map, no. I understand what you are going for - some kind of a Hardcore spec or maybe SR farmer spec (why would u wanna farm SR with a chanelling caster tho). This a gimmicky unrealistic GD-stashed spec that for some reason uses that funky devotion map. I know a little bit about top-tier builds and this ain’t it, chief.

I agree. However, since Revenant can earn the same number, I thought that Yellow 2 was fair, and I didn’t think Ulcama would move away from yellow, so I didn’t make any suggestions regarding affinity. (By the way, it is Autumn Boar, Dire Bear, Targo the Builder, Tempest that I think the affinity that can be obtained is very unfair.)

The only reason to make yellow more than 8 is when you have to take a trashy left side to make Ulcama itself available, or when you use Ishtak.
I thought it wouldn’t be bad to increase the benefits of Yellow 8 by making the left side of Ulcama as attractive as the Revenant included. At the same time, the gap with Revenant will be corrected to some extent.

Harp can be taken without changing Ishtak and Obelisk Line. try it.

Last night I tested BA spam WB which got Ulcama with Crusible.
In the above setting, the energy was exhausted only once and Pot was used.
After that, I changed my head component to prism diamond and gained 20% energy absorption so it was never exhausted.
This suggests that Ulcama’s Enagy Leech is less reliable than energy absorption.

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scales proc is really useless, if it didn’t have a cooldown it might be slightly better but it really needs to be aoe for it to be worth using at all.



Yes! (Or no CD)

Overall the proc is more in the need of a change than the nodes imo. Toning down affiniy requirement to 6 yellow without any buff would be good enough aswell.

I agree in this, they need better affinities imo.

Dire boar, bear and affliction need a buff, that doesn’t mean that scales don’t need a buff.

Exactly, because it’s not a “Tier 2 devotion that you take on your way towards a Tier 3” it needs to be stronger than those, otherwise it will never be picked. Same thing goes for the above mentioned like bear, boar, etc.

Ulcama is definitely suboptimal for lightning AAR, even in HC.