Poll - Environment 2

It looks like it is once again time for you to vote for your favorite new “stretch” environment! This time around, the focus is on less complicated art sets, but we are not restricting this solely to undergrounds, as was originally proposed. You will notice that several options from the first poll have returned, along with two new entries.

If you do not see your favorite from the first poll, or even if your favorite does not win this round, don’t worry. These are all environments we are excited about and chances are good that you will see them in expansion content.

The poll will run for two weeks, ending on 02/04/13. Note that these new art sets will not be included in the alpha and will instead be completed for beta or final release. In the event that the top two choices are within 10% of each other, we will conduct a third run-off poll between them to determine a winner.

Here are the descriptions of the options for the second poll:

Evil Forest
Like a normal forest but more eviler! Lots of creepy dead trees, dim lighting and swirling mists. I imagine it would make a nice home for thorned horrors and were-creatures.

Scorched earth, trenches and haunting remnants of epic battle. Craters steaming with the remnants of potent alchemical weapons. Twisted metal and charred bodies scattered about broken engines of war.

Sewer system underground set for creating a twisted network of dank, dark sewers underneath towns and cities that lead off into forgot areas where various types of unsavory humans or foul creatures have taken refuge.

An underground to attach to our above-ground graveyards. Walls hollowed out to house the bones of the dead, family mausoleum chambers, mass burial pits and rooms with elaborate shrines made out of bones. No doubt you’d stumble upon evidence of necromantic rituals or even covens of necromancers enjoying a resurgence now that the empire has been destroyed and there are no authorities to keep them in check.

Ruined Fort
The shattered remains of a once mighty fortress. This former bastion of humanity is now a breeding ground for vile creatures and monstrosities, but the remnants of the old empire may prove too tempting to ignore for battle-hardened adventurers.

Farm Slaughterhouse
Once used by farmers to prepare their livestock for the market, now a horrible image of the depravity of humans reduced to despicable acts by fear and desperation.

Hard to choose. Actually all of those seem equally interesting to have… can’t decide which to pick :eek:

So what happened to Shipyard? :frowning:
It was one of the runnerups after all.

Anyway, voted for Fort. Sounds pretty cool to explore. Exploring Forts was always amazing and scary in Gothic/Risen because you knew something really dangerous was there and I hope to get this feeling here, too.

well because the void won the first round, it seems seasonable that an evil forest would come after it. If it were catacombs, it would seem like it was a diablo 2 spinoff.

Evil forest takes my vote. I enjoyed the forests of TQ and IT so I am excited for a darker spin on a forest environment. All in all I do not want more undead zones in my games…

dreaming about Railyard

Definitely the Slaughter House. Sure, it’s SUPPOSED to be for animals, but it always implants the OR IS IT in the back of your mind. Rusty blades covered in gibs of what you hope was a pig always set a mood.

They said they didn’t have the resources to do two “big” environment sets so the Railyard and Shipyard were out. Which makes me a bit cranky about the Void winning, but oh well.

Also wanted to see the Railyard/Shipyard on the list as I wasn’t a fan of the Ch’thonic void :stuck_out_tongue:

For some reason I’m drawn towards the sewers, not sure what that says about me…

All choices sound really cool this time though and would fit in really well.

Evil forests have been done multiple times: D2, PoE, TQ

Ruined Fort +1

The e-mail that was sent to notify of the new poll explained why the Shipyard was not in the second round of voting.

voted for battlefield, as this was partly my idea, otherwise the ruined fort would be my next vote (if I could vote for something else)

While I’d rather get the shipyard/railyard back in there, voted for farm slaughterhouse, as the environment that HASN’T been done a hojillion times in other games. How many times do we have to wade through a sewer before we are satisfied? :frowning:

Torchlight 2

both the railroad and shipyard are just too big for a small team to manage, would be good to see them in expansions, but yeah, I had a feeling both would be too much of a job to add this soon, still at least they will be added at some point, just not right away

this. If I have to go throught another sewer, i pull the switch on ARPG genre.

Seriously, why would anyone pick Sewers? That’s the worst part about nigh every game.

I went with Farm Slaughterhouse; it seemed like the most original idea in the poll.

in BG, there was a ruined fort that was overrun by Gnolls (I think that is the spelling) that was a very good and well done fort, Gnoll stronghold was the name, if such a fort was done very well in GD, and along those lines, then I would say it would be a great edition to the game

Voted for :

Farm Slaughterhous !

Because the other environments are kinda " already saw " and this one it’s fresh new ! Wanna see how it will be (and expanded) =)

Ruined fort? That seems… boring. How is that winning?

No, no, no. What we need is a deep dark forest with all kinds of foresty nasties, like… spiders and… wolves… and… uh, spiders.

Seriously though, forest =\

My feeling too. Most of the others have already been done many times and although the forts might not be ruins you do get a lot of them in some games. So it was the slaughterhouse for me. I mean come on, where else would you go for a bit of slaughtering mayhem! :wink: