Poll - Environment 2

Voted for the ruined fort… although it would be very nice if this ruined fort could be located in a evil forest. :slight_smile:

That is a DAMN tough choice. Still. Glad to hear the Shipyards/Railyards are planned as more substantial expansions… I imagine the superstructures would take much more work to execute.

Farm Slaughterhouse and Ruined Fortress are awesome additions. But I am afraid deprived of the above original choices, my Evil mind must champion Evil Forest. Ive always loved the classic haunted oak environment. Add fog, eerie glows, and a few gravestones and Im there. Especially in the child of Titan Quest.

I`d hope the ‘evil tree’ entities from TQ might make a return as well, or something similar. Always loved the idea of terribly twisted flora lying in wait.

Well for me the choice would be Sewers or the Fort. For now voted for Sewers, even if I just saw that I’d have done better with voting for the Fort but anyway, I like both :D.

Tough choice for me between creepy forest and battleground. Forest won out. I can’t help it, I love evil looking forests!

Go ruined fort!

Evil Forest… Were creatures ftw

I’m with ya. Shipyard would have been truly epic and awesome. Void is going to make half the people really happy and half the people really annoyed. I’m still convinced that if either shipyard OR railyard had been in the poll, but not both, it would have slammed Void into the dust in the voting.

and this is a tough race between the ruined fort and the evil forest, so far the ruined fort is up head, but can the evil forest manage to get that all importent burst of speed or do we have a victor already? but its still anyone’s game, so stay tuned for the second part of the race :smiley:

Also hopefully there won’t be any sewers in future expansions. The sewers where you beat up giant rats has been done WAYYYY!!! too much in the rpg genre as a whole.

Voted for fort as it sounds the awesomest. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m picturing secret doors and hallways, a boss fight in a throne room and a nice cache of treasure in a vault or something.

Come on people! You don’t want to see some crazy ass WW1 themed zone with mustard gas throwing enemies and kill zones with machine guns?

I voted for Battlefield as the description alone sent shivers down my spine. Most of the other locations seem a bit overdone to me. The D2 expansion had a battlefield, but this sounds so much cooler.

How large would you make the Slaughterhouse area to be believable? I thought the areas in the poll were supposed to be rather large. A truly large slaughterhouse would require a massive settlement to be logical, don’t you think?

Additionally I keep wondering what side effects arise through showing the intermediate results before the end of the poll. I am pretty sure there are people drawn towards the trending winners, neglecting their real favorites because they don’t believe they have a chance anyway.

If we can’t have runner-up voting (broken record, I know), maybe it would be nice to do hidden polls in the future? There are some strong opinions against certain options in the poll with to my mind good arguments behind them. It would be a shame if the wishes of the community are misrepresented by using a poor voting system.


I agree battlefield is a gothic theatre of war!
I voted 4 battlefield.

Hold the lines! :smiley:

I stick to my choice from the 1st poll. Go for the Evil Forest: a deep, dark, gloomy one.

Come on Evil Forest!

There will be plenty of ruined buildings, we need more greenery! Even if it is evil!

I like both Evil Forest and Ruined Fort, tough choice, but right now it looks like either one has a good chance of winning :wink:

Man…there is so much win in this post, I don’t know where to start. First off, yeah, I voted Battlefield because of the description and the fact that - even though battlefields are always done in these games, this seems like one where it’s all be integral to the story. It’s a game about war, it’s got to have a battlefield…or seven.

The Farm seemed super cool, but I wasn’t sure how much it could be beyond “hey, I stumbled on a creepy set piece.” I’d still like to see it in there, but not as much as the Battlefield.

But, seriously, every time (both? Can’t remember) I’ve voted, I’ve clicked the link in the email and wasn’t logged in to the site when the window opened - so right off, I was like, “Great…I narrowed it down to three choices, and all of them look like throw-aways now…”

Because it is the norm of an ARPG to have sewers. Simply, it is a tradition to have sewers in an ARPG, especially the ones that are really dark games like PoE, D2, and Grim Dawn. To some extent, TL2 have it too. Personally, I want to see at least one sewer in the game for alternate route to reach a location in a quest. It is already cliched to have sewers, but there is nothing wrong with it since it adds more region diversity to the game.

Also, same can be said about the evil forest? Why would anyone pick Evil Forest? Thats the worst part about nigh every game. Not only is it completely cliched, almost ARPG games has it since it is a MUST have region, just like the sewers. :rolleyes:

Either way, I do not mind having all in the game, but if I were to choose, it would be the sewers.

Edit: Zantai, the poll saids that it will close in two days. I think you need to update it. :wink:

I voted Forest last time, and I’m voting Forest again.

Ruined Forts have been done, too. Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 both use them. It all has been done. I personally, voted Catacombs because it sounds more Metal to me, but none of them sound too bad imo.