[Poll] The skill modifiers on OK conduit are

  • Utter garbage
  • A mystery - no one knows how to make fit them into any build
  • Irrelevant. I just want the stats of the conduit

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WARNING: Dissenters will be shot.

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what mods exactly. Most of them are useful and build enabling, couple are niche.

It’s the same for other conduits

you can maybe say that some build enablers are not fully supported by other gear but the affix itself is good

edit: i didn’t vote anything cause there is no option to pick for what i think :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe i hear from some of same topic about discussing of some of conduit that Z says that “not of all conduit must be useful”


I don’t think all skills mods on conduits should be made useful, nor do I believe that conduits should be BiS’d on every build out there.

I just think if someone is going to take the time to build around a weird concept on an amulet as rare as the conduit, then it should perform better than “average”

Of course the definition of “average” is open to discussion, but let’s set it at an 8-9 min, (3 + 1) 170 clear.

We can go through each of the skill mods one at a time…but the only useful ones I see are:

  • Cold RF
  • Possibly chaos EoR

aether eor too

rr mod absolutely

EoR mod for which build exactly? <-- Edited

Aether EoR isn’t that useful because you can get 75 - 90% elemental conversion on soulfire + magelord rings.

There’s also arcanist belt with massive fire/aether conversion, and a bunch of other ammys which do the same.

As for RR mod - Ok. I agree.

Yup, these are nice. Also aether/chaos RR to Guardians is great. But the other 3 can be reworked. Especially aether VM and lightning Judgment are just awkward. Also having multiple aether conduits which block each other out isn’t sound idea, especially given that the set for aether Oathkeeper -Bonemonger already have amulet slot covered.

Pretty much this. Some of them are just meant to be neat or "What-if"s. Someone out there will wake up one morning and just suddenly decide they want to make Aether Vire’s Might work for reasons and the Conduit helps with that.

  1. This makes the assumption that everyone will want to make or play Crucible builds around the Conduits. Some people will just be satisfied with getting weird concepts that shouldn’t work to pass for campaign farmers.

  2. The fact is that some of the Conduits flat out lack item support that you’re really going to struggle to get them to a point where they can compete with builds that do have plenty of support.

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Ok. If that’s the intention/philosophy behind the design of conduits, then I concede.

Just seems a shame to me that a bunch of really cool whacky builds aren’t going to be that great in the end game.

Like it’s not cheap to invest into a “what-if” scenario. My personal opinion here is that that overhead cost would prevent a lot of people from wanting to test it.

But the record, it’s got nothing to do with crucible. I use crucible here because it’s a standard yardstick we can use to compare builds against.

I’d say cold RF and aetherchaos RR are fairly useful. Aether EoR mod only makes sense if you want to 2H, because otherwise there are DW dreadfires. Chaos EoR is also probably OK, although I’d be tempted to convert fire to chaos somehow else.

Chaos Aegis, Lightning Judgment, Aether Vire - haha, no.

28 aether to Ascension and elemental Aegis - absolute garbage.


Zantai already responded to a thread with a similar topic and they are not changing the conduit mods for the OK amulet. Mainly conduit mods are mostly for enabling weird builds.

Ok. I just think that most of these mods can’t enable any build outside of vanilla. And if that’s the intent for conduits, then sure.

P.S: Regarding the RR mod on conduit…if I’m going chaos, I would opt for -

  1. Occultist conduit with pox modifier

Aether RR mod is maybe useful for EoR builds.

Have you actually tested these? I can see these working, to an extent. I think it’s best to actually test these before claiming they don’t work. Devs appreciate actual testing, not statements not backed by any evidence.

To what extent?

I’m fine with some of them getting support and want to see improvements on certain ones like Acid Drain Essence, but it’s pretty hard to make others like Acid/Vitality Devastation good for example. Can’t win 'em all.

Oathkeeper has it’s fair share of ones that “could” work well and ones that are just there to look fancy or purely for support.

Solid poll options.

Sigh…it was meant as a joke…

What’s your definition of “working”? Cause the way I play there will never be a way any of those two will work.

BTW this exists for lightning judgment and if ever you wanna build lightning judgment you’ll want this unless it’s not your main skill - you don’t need the conduit.

But what if i don’t wear that arcanist belt and conversion rings and wear other stuff that makes the build even better without the need for conversion

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I wouldn’t know enough about aether EoR fluff, you may be right.

It’s just that I would intuitively go for bonemonger’s ammy for better conversion on soulfire, and stats from set bonus.