Population demograhics, culture and variation

This suggestion aims to add a demographic system to the game, implementing variation amongst the population, graphs to see the population and the difference amongst the villagers such a culture.

Culture can be added to increase fluidity amongst the variation in villagers, instead of just some of them having different portraits and appearances. Since immigration is the main source of population growth, showing different cultures in relation to their appearance (both as character and portrait) would make sense. Additionally the village can have some kind of dominant enforced culture, which the population can be adapted to follow.
The population’s culture can be shown and visualized using a pie chart or any other graphs showing the value (i.e population) and type (culture). Culture and ethnicity can also have an impact on the overall population, such as a dominant culture can spread by birth, despite the village’s official culture is different to the majority of the populace’s culture. As mentioned, this can result in decreased happiness and riots.

Culture can have a variety of impact in the game. If “politics” system is implemented (i.e medieval class system such as nobility, worker class, village council, etc), some groups of people may feel that their culture is poorly represented, in which will affect happiness to a certain degree and might even cause worker strike or riots.

Simply put, demographics would add variation on how the population behaves, making the game more focused on the population as well as the general build and survive strategy.

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