Possibility of Playing Grim Dawn at Maximum Settings

Hello my friends! Please be honest to me and tell me if it will be possible for me to play this game at maximum graphical settings on my laptop? I understand that this game maybe quite demanding as Path of Exile but it looks the way better optimised. I checked system requirements in Steam and noticed that my gear is quite up to recommended requirements but I am not sure if Steam is truthful to me about it. I used some shady calculators in Internet and they show me that I can play this game at maximum settings. Not sure about this calculators either.
My gaming laptop is the following: HP ENVY - 17-u110nr (here is the link for specs: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05530663 )

Thanks in advance for any honest answers!

The cpu is probably ok. But I don’t know anything about that gfx card.

Concerning your GPU, I’m going to say, “I doubt it”.

You can probably do decent settings (think Medium-Medium High) but no way are you going to be able to run it at “Max” enjoyably.

You will probably have to test a variety of settings to find your “sweet spot” where you can get good visuals + good performance.


OK folks! Your GAME forced me to buy a new PC (HP Envy TE01-1007ur (1F9R8EA)) and new fancy and nice HP monitor (U27 (9TQ13AA 27")) :grinning: But I’ve noticed that native resolution (3840x2160) does not looks very good because the text is so small that it is barely readable and I decreased it to 2560x1440 and now the game looks good but it looks like something is missing. So…what is the best resolution to play this game?
Also I tried to put all settings to maximum but I noticed that some settings have Ultra and others just have High or Very High. Does it means that my PC is still does not please this game with something?

P.S. by the way, the game plays really GREAT and really delivers tons of fun! :blush:

There is an option to resize the UI in the options menu. Move the slider to increase the UI to your liking! :sunglasses:

Not all options have “Ultra” settings and it may not give you any better graphics. Something like shadows would be the thing that isn’t needed to be on High or Ultra.

Try these custom fonts out. From what I’ve read they improve the reading experience for those on resolutions higher than 1080p.

[English font] GD clear fonts + london gothic fonts OR normal clean fonts versions

Are you trying to tell that initially this game was made to be played at 1920x1080 resolution? Am I correct?

I have no idea what it initially was meant for - but considering that development of the game first began in 2010, and then in earnest in 2012\2013 I would say that’s always a possibility.

I just know that resolutions higher than 1080p users can have issues with readability. I would suggest trying to adjust the scaling as mentioned above…

…and if that doesn’t help then to try the custom fonts.

Yes. It really helped me. Thanks a lot!
And now I am trying to record some videos to test my OBS Studio but all of my video suck. I tried to use filters like Lancroz and Bicubic and still no luck at all. Any suggestions? My bitrate is 6000, 60 FPS.

I have no experience with OBS or using filters. Whenever I need to record anything in the game I just use Nvidia’s Shadowplay feature, which works flawlessly for the task.

GD supports older hardware and can be played at 1024x768.