Post screenshots of monsters wielding uniques!

I got this idea from reading when I first started playing Titan Quest. I saw a thread titled Post screenshots of monsters wielding uniques! After reading the thread and seeing how cool it was seeing mobs using the unique gear against you I started looking for the same in game. If anyone else has caught screenshots of mobs using gear, please post what you have. It’d be nice to see.

I caught this one last night doing a Sunken Reliquary run. I ran in to High Priest Rolderathis wielding an epic mace Blessed Torch against me.

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That’s a great shot. I’ll have to keep an eye out now :slight_smile:

Love how Rolderathis is looking at his weapon as if thinking “Wtf am I doing with this fire based weapon?!?”


I caught two more tonight.

The first is Everett, the Bloodbound - Burning. He’s wielding the focus item Dementia against me. I didn’t get the other side of the focus item, I thought it was going to be the pistol as a unique weapon.

The second is Balrazar, Eternal Servant of Dreeg wielding the epic mace Sacred Hammer of Eternal Wrath.

Here is a shield you should recognize:

Defender of Devil’s Crossing epic shield on a new mob in a new area. Nice screenshot!

Caught Nadra, the Shadow wielding the epic Raider Fellblade, Duelist’s Sabre, in Cronley’s Hideout.

Nice find I’ve been hunting for hours to find 2 dualist blades.

Elnar Daroth wielding Sacred Hammer of Eternal Wrath in Depraved Sanctuary.

Nice screenshot Sompero. Sacred Hammer of Eternal Wrath is one of those weapons that really stands out.

Caught Kilrian, the Tainted Soul wielding Sacred Hammer of Eternal Wrath.

Also caught a Mistborn Warrior wielding the epic axe Maleficus.

Never noticed these before, awesome stuff. I’ll keep an eye out for more!

Caught Julius Crowley, the Mindbender wielding Banshee’s Misery. Not sure if this has been changed recently, Banshee’s Misery seemed to be glowing making it easier to see when being wielded by the mob.

Chillheart wielding Flamebrand :cool:

The irony~ Cool thread and great idea, will have to keep an eye out in future :stuck_out_tongue:

Rotting Soldier wearing The Eye of the Beholder :smiley:

The most badass zombie so far.

lol, didn’t know that a rotten soldier could wear such a cool heatpiece :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope this is accessible, total steam noob:

LOL nice find.

Cultist Zealot wearing Soul’s Touch and invisible chest piece.

Julius Crowley, the Mindbender

Wielding a sword and Mutiny pistol combo with dual pistol animations.


Ironic him being “the Mindbender” and also using a gun called “Mutiny”. What a rebel.