Post xpac DAIL

I’m going to start on it this weekend. I want to give mod devs enough time to tweak their content as needed. The first release will be bare-bones masteries. Crate has added plenty of content to explore before we start messing with things.

I would suggest starting a new hero to play in this comp. Old DAIL characters could be imported if you use another 3rd party utility to “fix” things. The old moditems will not (may not) be included so you may see a loss of gear as well.

Accepting suggestions for a new comp name.

Nooooice. I’m surprised so soon! I grabbed the xpac yesterday and checked out the modding tools and viewer but I couldn’t find the new stuff - figured they had to update it too and haven’t gotten around to it yet.

That was quick, Kath, very nice.

SUMA - Super Expansive Mastery Autism. Just saying first, what I could think of.

So what happened to the mastery limit, I recall reading it was supposed to get increased with the xpac. Was that just +2 for the new xpac masteries or could mastery compilations actually go crazy now?

Wooohooo!! :slight_smile:

40 masteries now


ATAT - All The Awesome Things
PED - Post Expansion DAIL (performance enhancing drug…)
KOALA - KathaniOus AmaLgAmation

Hi there, just wanting to clarify something, but by: “The old moditems will not (may not) be included so you may see a loss of gear as well.” Do you refer to the legendary affix mod?

If so, i would be sad if that wouldn’t make it in the new package. That + insane amount of extra monsters is the main reason why i just so prefer the dail mod pack versus the main game.

DAILitback - Little less than before, but hey, play the xpac! XD

Yessss. I’ve only played like 2 hours of the regular game/expansion so far and I’m sick of easy mode. Please bring back the massive groups of mobs and boss spawns!

No, it’s referring to totally new items added by the various component mods. That said, the legendary affix mod will not be making its return in the initial post-expansion DAIL (really do need an actual name to keep the pre and post expansion mods separate and clear) release. It will be much more barebones so as to have a better base to build up from.

Names… how about “PXD?”

Post EXpansion DAIL, its short, sweet and makes me chuckle. Also, this really is like the PX (Post Exchange) of mod compilations for this game. You have stuff for the purists, the most OCD of theory-crafters, some callbacks to past games, and a lot of new stuff for perusal at one’s leisure.


Ah, alright.

It’s a shame that the legendary affix mod won’t make it initialy.
Guess i’ll just have to be patient for a little while longer.

Agreed. It was one of my favorite features.


Im looking forward to the release hope you will add the difficulty settings from the start the game feel som empty at base value :cry:

That depends on jiaco. Since we’re waiting for mods to update anyways it will probably be ready by then.

Sounds good looking forward to it! :smiley:

Will the new DAIL include cornucopia stat changes (spirit increases all damage) and item changes (items always have zero stat requirements) and enemy changes (enemies always scale with player level)?

Also, I’d call it ExILE. Expansion Including Loaded Enhancements.

Name suggestion : AoMoS = Ashes of Malmouth on Steroids !

No, Cornucopia will not be in the first release.