Power leveling here

  1. Too many ways for me personally because bugs occur. It can happen that you entire char become corrupted. It is not often, but it happens, that you read about these stories here that quests become impossible to complete for a person, and it is often due to some weird MP bug.
  2. Game is not balanced around multiplayer, it becomes too easy and you will not learn it properly IMO.
  3. Friendly aura bugs. Ever heard of players killing each-other with e.g. Aura of censure?

^ this. But, at some point you need to get into main campaign and start getting reputation.

Personally, I first go to crucible and equip difficulty skip tokes and Lokarr set. Then I go to Main Campaign in ultimate and gather some lore notes. I then go to the first quest to kill zygotor or what he is called. When he has spawned, I drink exp pot and read all lore notes - this brings me to level 15 or so depending on how many notes I gathered. Then I pump some points in stats and skills and kill that zygotor dude and then hand in the quest(s) in DC. When this is done, I go to main campaign in Normal and start to farm shrines. This leveling method is much faster than crucible IMO.

Devotion shrine hopping method - just use the difficulty skip token.

The reward of getting one char to ultimate and being revered with Malmouth faction will save you guys LOADS of leveling issues in the future. At some point, I strongly advice you to do this


Crucible with people? I didn’t know that can be doable lol. Dpes the difficulty change due to player count? More people, harder waves or monsters? Or just more pack of monsters per wave? It becomes the very tower defense maps of Warcraft III/Frozen Throne omg. I wish I had friends who plays GD. Coach multiplaying would be really fun in crucible.

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mostly their health and damage output increases by a small bit, also their other stats increase a bit. But the balance is way off. A two-party group just shreds the monster to pieces.

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Its awesome man, everyone can have a specific role and even positions on the map that are under their general “jurisdiction”.

The totems you choose add another element of strategy as well. I love playing with people tactically, its what i live for.

I also love the fact that GD can be played single player and isnt reliant upon a multiplayer design to function as intended, but its great that multiplayer tactical depth is an option.

I thought the friendly aura bugs were fixed several updates back?

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this is kind of a one dimensional perspective. If you impose build limitations in the interest of creating a balanced party system with a group of friends who are equally invested in the venture, you can make it a really awesome experience, that will require all 4 players to be playing to their limits.

I have leveled up a char with a friend and our toons have survived despite upgrading to AoM and then FG and going through all those patches. Yes, it has taken us 3+ years, because we only play off and on. But lately we have been able to increase the frequency due to reasons…

Yes, and still there is much to learn. In my case:

  1. Playing as and building for a team
  2. Managing not only my own, but also my friend’s build, because he is a noob

That was still a rare issue (happened too often though), and was recently fixed. Oh, yes, you probably have not heard of it. :wink:

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So to be more specific, for the purposes of LEARNING the game, multiplayer is not recommended.

For the purposes of POWER LEVELING, specifically, multiplayer is a great option, but certainly not the only one available to you.

Important to distinguish those factors before leading into the differences between playing and building for single player vs multiplayer environments.

I did not play 1.1.5 patch, I just found it here The Saga of the Aura MP Kill Bug

In a “true” MP game, the players should not have to make artificial limits and constraints themselves. Instead, game should become so much harder that the players are REQUIRED to play to their limits.

The MP environment in GD is kind of a joke. If MP was harder, or lets just say equally hard as SP, then as I mentioned, people would have to think more about how they should play and plan their builds.

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Power leveling?


At least most of players, or at very least I. :smile:

But if you want most efficient way, you need to select proper skill, invest in it and so on. Spells with big range are great early levels, also you can start adding devotion procs to help you.

Most people that level for speed don’t go outside of main road and do main quest and killing enemies that grants extra XP.

Potion of Clarity and Lokarr set improves clear speed of any character and ofc you can use the token system.

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Those are fair points, buuuuuuuut it being what it IS, there is a way to make it fun. And actually its quite unique! Personally i love it because it enables you to experiment with builds that would otherwise be unplayable, thus opening the door to a whole new kind of gaming experience in GD. Its really quite refreshing and enjoyable for a change of pace.

If you build around it you can really roleplay with the self imposed limitations aspect and get real creative about it! Basically developing your own game mode. If youre passionate about all the creative freedom in the playground of Cairn that this game offers, well beyond challenges like self imposed HC classless, only use white or yellow gear, etc.

Its a dream of mine to play with friends where you follow such regimented rules that one guy plays as a rogue, rogues can only use one handed daggers, no shield, no off-hand, are limited to certain classes and certain skills in those classes, etc etc. You get the idea.

The game is built to allow this kind of freedom, which for me, is one of the absolute greatest things about this game and the multiplayer experience in general. Lots of people sleep on MP in GD, but it can be wicked fun man!

EDIT: I apologize pre-emptively for getting off topic. Just have a strong passion for MP in GD so want to offer different perspective on it whenever the need arises, as the originator of the post is new to the game, i dont want them to be discouraged by the negative impressions of MP being expressed in this thread.


im loving the game so far been playing D3 for ever wanted something new a clan mate from D3 came over here and i decided to pull the plug and buy it played it for a few hours went and bought all DLCs


Oh man, I always say it, I envy you right now! Fresh to the content, so much of it to discover!!! Youre in for many hours of fun! What was your first character class(es)? What are you thinking of trying next?

So really funny thing happened to my buddy and I once surrounding these two. First thing that happened was we accidentally selected the wrong factions (KC and ODV) on Normal. So we get to the same choice in Elite and we make the same one, we went with ODV (he’d accidentally chosen KC in Normal). We go into the Order’s Head Quarters in Sorrows Bastion to pick up the new quests and the Order’s Soldiers start attacking is Guardian of Empyrion avatars. He friendly with them and they didn’t attack him, just the Guardian’s. We thought that was hilarious. Happened all the way through Elite. It went away once we got to Ultimate. No real idea why but it was funny. He had to wait at the top of the stairs while I went down to pick up the quests. :smiley:

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made a nerco its always been a 1st char with any game that has it as a class wanted to try shaman because it looks to be more fun

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You know you can dual class, right?

yea but already have nerco/inquisitor so can’t change them out hence why I want to make a new char

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Oh i gotcha, when you only said Necro for your first build I was thinking you didnt dual it with anything.

Shamans are awesome! Probably in my top 4 classes as far as favorites go. Cool abilities and versatile!

i decided to just level a shaman/inquistor just hit 25 and in love with it pretty much destorys things faster then my nerco did

Another story of char randomly dying in MP Character randomly died

perhaps you were doing necro “wrong”, did you go with spectral wrath and ravenous earth?

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Wow, yeah, I thought for sure that bug had been fixed across the board a couple updates ago. I know my retaliation witchblade was able to kill its allies with a certain aura back when the bug was fully active and commonly encountered, but the next update fixed that issue for me and I never encountered it again since.