Price changes on GD store

We’ve updated pricing for purchasing from our website to reflect the fact that early access has been opened to the lower tiers for a couple months now. We’ve phased out Pioneer to consolidate its perks into Patron, now that both allow people to play immediately. Finally, we’ve brought back the basic tier at a higher price, that grants early access but no other rewards. The pricing of the basic tier, at $5 off the Steam version, is intended to encourage people to buy from our store, where we receive a significantly larger portion of royalties.

Good news! Hope everything going well~

Nice! I think its time for me to finally upgrade to Loyalist edition! :slight_smile:

Great…right after I already bought it on steam 6 pounds more than the website… -.- (luckily that money was from steam cards :P)

Question, if I bought the steam version can I still upgrade to loyalist? Or that is only available if i bought the basic game from website?

The steam version can’t be upgraded I believe. You’d have to gift or sell your steam version of the game to a friend and then buy from the main website.

Too late then…perhaps the OST and the digital addons will available as DLC’s as it is with some other games :smiley:

Yeah, sorry, unfortunately there is no way to offer upgrades through Steam but we may be able to offer some additional rewards as add-on DLC or something in the future. I don’t want to put that out there though until we can actually produce the rewards and get them in-game.

That’s it Med, im already holding You to it!!! :slight_smile:

The digital version’s pricing is missing “USD” following the price…that should probably be edited. :eek:

Also, all of the tables are plagued with “DMR” :wink:

I wish I knew you recieved more royalties purchasing directly from the site, I would have done so. Hopefully different supporter pack options will become available as game development progresses.

Oh man and I bought it 3 days ago on STEAM :smiley: I just finished the game while ago by killing warden as a pure nightblae and I had a blaaast :smiley: Realy amazing job guys, cant wait to play Act 2. Is there another way than buying than paypal? I prefer buying games on steam because easy money transfer from my card… I hope we will get some nice addons the people who bought it from Steam :stuck_out_tongue: Will we get future updates right after release right? And full game aswell (I mean steam guys)…

I think you might have added a typo while updating the pricing and packages:

It’s a shame there’s no easy way of adding something to the Steam page informing people of GD’s website and various supporter packs.

Well, at least the game being on Steam should help with sales and get the game some publicity. Take a look at the reviews on the Grim Dawn Steam page, I scrolled through a heck of a lot, and couldn’t see a single bad review, which is pretty amazing.

Wow, wait, Clotion is consufed!
So I got the Pioneer edition of the game, does that mean I am able to play now?

All copies of the game can play the Early Access edition on Steam since late December.