Primal strike energy usage

It would be good to cut down on primal strike energy usage. I would suggest halving it. If you look at the builds that are using it Good ultos build? final got full set all of them will have problem with it. It would really help a lot with melee primal strike builds. Considering you have to life leech to sustain yourself it is a big problem to be constantly out of energy.
Or give some bonus energy regen to Ultos chest and helm.

Not sure what you’re talking about. None of the builds have energy problems.

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They have extremely low energy regen and not enough energy leech. For example I have a warder that I will post shortly with similar values of energy regen to the one in the link and it has energy issues.

Then just get more energy leech / absorb whatever

You can’t it will crush the build. I am thinkig of posting this build
2H PS warder without savagery (I hate it)

There are powerful tools in-game to solve energy problems easily, even for i.e. Flames of Ignaffar that has extreme energy usage:

  • Seal of Annihilation
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Arcane Spark
  • Prismatic Diamond
  • Energy Leech from devotions
  • last resort - Scythe and Harp devotions
  • last but not least - Potion :wink:

Try some of them if you have some problems :slight_smile:

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Primal Strike is too energy hungry.

How does eye of the storm help? 10 % less energy usage not much

Builds should be mostly fine for energy. Thunderous Strike already lowers the overall energy cost on Primal Strike by 55%, add in Eye of the Storm and Seal of Annihilation adding another 20% reduction and Primal Strike Ultos builds should be floating around 33 energy per use tops.

Maybe Ultos could get a skill mod added for a bit more -x% skill energy cost to Primal Strike but looking at a few videos, like tqFan said, they look fine for energy in practice. Perhaps they struggle on single targets where leeching energy from multiple targets isn’t possible.

Look at the link for my build Great build but only energy regen is an issue. I have to constantly spam energy potion and it is not out of cooldown fast enough. The other builds are ± the same as mine in this regard from what I can see.

You’re testing it with monster not with dummy? Just want to make sure…

I played SR 65-66. Clears it very fast but energy regen is an issue. From that I conclude it has to be the same for the other builds. I also have 2H ranged PS druid and I have 70 energy regen/s for it to be nice (not an Ultos build).

you can always get some more energy regen / absorb. You are too greedy on damage I think.

What if you swap the mark of illusion for a soul shard for more energy absorb? Or skip behemoth, finalize chariot and grab viper?

There are WAY MORE energy hungry skills than Primal Strike, and one component in a build is provide reasonable energy regen.

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That sustain from the 2 helaing devos is great. Makes that Warder tanky considering ultos CDR.

Comparing to afanasenkov’s Warder, the first thing that stands out is he takes Viper and Revenant for more energy absorption and a chance of leeching energy from enemies. On single targets, not great but nice, but it is incredibly helpful in crowds or groups of several Bosses as wide AoE skills like Primal Strike can quickly apply that chance to leech on several/all of them.

He also takes Savagery and alternates between it and Primal Strike to maintain stacks meaning there are periods where he uses very little energy.

Look at his SR Boss video where he tanks multiple Bosses and notice how his energy quickly refills at random:

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None of those builds really spam PS. They often use savagery. That might be part of it.

you can keep the behemot proc but you do not need the entire constellation since chariot also provides same affinity on completion

you charge up savagery during like 1 second, otherwise you spam PS

I will try viper and post results.

Taking soul shard and viper has helped but still have to spam energy potions a lot. But luckily they can now get out of cooldown. But still nothing like in that video.

How about this devotion map? I added Scythe which has

  • Energy (very much)/Health Regen
  • Movement Speed and DA

so that you don’t miss Eel