Probably still a possible chance... super rare double green items "crafting"

Dear Developers.

I am enjoying Grim Dawn sooo much, you cannot imagin’. That’s for sure. I really love it. And I love it to play with my superstrong build. The only thing I am doing right now is to get the super rare “double green” items I would need to make my build perfect. I have 2 green items and would like to get those items as super rare “double green” items. So far so good. To be honest I am loosing the hope to get them. I have found both items multiple times with the perfect suffix or the perfect prefix… But never with the perfect pre- & suffix.

So my question would be - and sorry for that I have done this in the past already but with a different concept - is there probably the chance to add something like this?

  1. A new story. A short story for end game builds. What is endgame? End game, in my opinion, is after level 100 & all reputations at max & killing all Nemesis at least 1 time.

  2. The story will add a new option to a Blacksmith. Probably only to the blacksmith from this story.

  3. The blacksmith has a new option to merge two items. So the blacksmith has 2 open slots.

  4. The first slot defines the prefix and the second slot defines the suffix.

  5. Both items must be the same item. Both items must have the same level. 94 for instance or 82 or whatever. But it must be the same.

  6. After placing both items into the slots, they will be merged to a new item. This item has the prefix from the item in the first slot and the suffix of the item from the second slot.

That’s it. That is my wish for christmas from the holy Grim Dawn Crew :slight_smile: No… Only a little bit fun. But what do you think? I know the double rare item shall be super rare. But to be honest. I do not get them and I just do not want to use a “Cheat” tool to “unlock” the item. Then the game is not the same anymore for me. If I do it once… I will do it twice… I know this. Because of this, giving me the item by a cheat tools is no option for me. But if it would be part of the game to merge two items it would be a dream for endgame builds to really make them super perfect!

What do you think? Is there a chance? :slight_smile:


I partly understand that these items need to be super rare but your idea is not far off because I can’t imagine those who try playing this game while doing their IRL jobs, making all this impossible to accomplish.

For this reason, I never really dare to plan “farming” any double rares… only one super rare side.


At this point in the game they will no longer add major changes to the system, most likely your ideas will remain in your wet dreams until some modder is encouraged to create it

Or Crate hopefully considers them for GD 2.
But I agree with OP.
Something like this or similar would indeed be very welcome in the future. :+1:

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Instead of merging two items, I’d rather have us choose the prefix and suffix of the item (akin to what I saw in Last Epoch, though not restricted to it) at least for greens when visiting a blacksmith. I hate having to farm an item and not get it, and after a week or whenever when it drops, it has all the wrong prefixes and suffixes, so the abysmal journey starts again.

Not to mention getting the wrong crafting bonuses from blacksmiths, i.e. getting a block chance on AAR conduit. I’ve died inside when I noticed that. Then I had to farm the crafting materials again, but I gave up and started another character. I just couldn’t do it. If it takes too much time to get an item or a prefix/suffix I get bored and have to play another character.

I know that GD is better in comparison to some other games regarding the loot, but I would prefer if I had all the control in what kind of items and properties I could get during the crafting of an item. The random loot is fine for the monster drops. However, the crafting should be 100% in control of the player and not RNG. Make it expensive if need be as a compensation or something. But, if I were to tailor and customize my character I prefer to craft and plan with certainty and not to hope I get some property.

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If you want GD to resemble games like diablo 3, LE, GD is not for you, this is an old school game where you can spend dozens of hours to get what you are looking for, if what you are looking for is more gameplay light better try other games.

True up to a point.

However, I often can’t get MIs with the right affix combinations. In case of Namadea’s eye, it has only a chance to drop and no matter how much I’ve farmed it, most of the time only horns drop or nothing. When I’m blessed with the eye, it has affixes I don’t need. Wonder why people GD stash items? Also, there are some legendary set’s I’ve only seen in grim tools and never in game, so…

same session farming solves that,
or you know, check your craft recipes and just transmute the thing
third good option is good ol’ gambling at the Celestial smiths, i still have a soft spot for Bella Fald because she gave me my first Belgo set rather early back in AoM days

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Well is it proven it works? :thinking: Remember my test with spawning chests and blueprints? It didn’t work for that.
Also you sometimes get 2 of the same items in a short time span.

that’s because blueprints follow a different reroll system than legendaries
the system, as i understand, is
legendaries “keep track” of previous ones dropped in same sessions, rerolling duplicates from that tracking, if possible (stuff like smith gambling isn’t factored in i think/pretty sure, quest rewards etc)
your blueprints rerolls from a fixed pool ie the blueprints you have vs the ones missing, regardless of which blueprints you get in a given session, since it keeps merely checking which you have vs which you don’t

if you ex do 25 rounds of SR, ie 2 shard cash out 25x in a row, you will see a highly varied amount of legendaries, compared to the potential outcome from if you restarted session 25x and did 2 shards then cash out going to menu screen after each cash out in between all 25 rounds

wonder if @Zantai would be willing to confirm/explain this properly, and confirm if the system rerolls 10, 50 or 100x now while we’re at it? :thinking:

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Um… I remember finding 6 venomancer rainments, 3 nosferatis belts and 4 vipersomething gloves one after another with few different drops here and there.

I don’t know how system works. Sometimes I get new items for some time, yet there are times when 5 to 6 items keep popping up with almost no variance.

game doesn’t keep track of past sessions
same session duplicate rerolls only refer to the same session played without going to main menu
ever since that system got introduced the instances of getting 5x voidsteel gloves in same session is basically removed for me, (and i used to complain about that a lot


my guess is you’re conflating duplicate item drops across different sessions

hopefully Zantai will explain or elaborate on the system better

I don’t understand this part: if some of you complain so much about farming and not getting the “correct” item then… why do you keep doing it? Consider being happy about what you’ve found and enjoying the free time you chose to spend with the game.

Because people want to get items to play builds. Most people don’t play RPGs to endlessly chase after unicorn loot which is why most modern arpgs have shifted towards improving the crafting experience to reduce RNG frustration.

clearly this is an old school game, if you want to get the most powerful objects faster there are many other games that offer that content

To have a viable build for end game, especially hardcore. After all, a build needs to check certain boxes: res overcap, cc res, off/def ability up to a certain value, armor up to a certain value, layered defense, skill modifier, etc.

@savage1991 You’re missing the point, again.

It’s not about getting the most powerful object faster, but having control over what you craft. I’d rather spent time playing the game and having fun instead of boring myself to death by hoping I might get what I need through crafting or waiting for RNG gods to have mercy and actually drop the item I need with the right affixes.

You don’t need your build to be full of double-rare greens to be viable, though.

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who said anything about faster?

You don’t need your build to be full of double-rare greens to be viable, though

heck, you don’t even need 1 double rare to make a viable build

Sure, you don’t need the double-rare greens to have a viable build, but if you need the specific affix(es), then you need the specific affix(es), regardless of being double-rare or not.