Proc build advice please

I have found a lot of gear with on attack and hit procs and I think it would be really cool to make a build out of them eventally but I have no idea if they can be strong enough.

I was thinking of something like this as an example of the gear

Could this work ? I don’t care about having the fastest kill times, but it would be nice if it could be decent at least :slight_smile:

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Select two classes, put in Augs and Comps to fix resists, and call me in the morning.

Lightning weapon with fire rings? Mythical Firestorm Scepter, or go crazy and use Corruption of Gargabol or Dagallon’s Destroyer if you want fire.

(I think I am funny, and yes, I have a gun fetish in GD)

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Just about anything is doable, if all you’re looking to do is beat the game on all 3 difficulty settings. You can achieve this feat without even selecting any classes (going classless).

What is you goal with this build? Are you looking to just beat the game on all 3 difficulty settings, or will you want to be doing endgame content with it (Shattered Realm runs, and Crucible waves)?

@CaiusMartius Yes you can.

I didn’t put classes in since I have no idea what direction i would take it in yet. I was just cuious how good it could be.

There is a lot of elemental focused procs though so i would try to change some out and go for the most elemental damage i guess.

Yeah sorry for that, I wasn’t very clear. I would like to do end game content too, so shattered realm and crucible. I don’t mind damage being quite low but it would be cool if I had decent dps with mainly procs as damage.

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No worries.

This kind of build has been done before, but im not sure what the best options would be in current version of the game.

Take a look at this build by @banana_peel. Might give you some ideas.

I reminded of my old Warder which used to be built with proc items. I no longer have the save file, but I plan to recreate it in the future. My planned build would be to focus on proc and have the lowest button to press (hence Warder) like this:

I know for a physical build it didn’t use Warcry/Break Morale, but it can be tweaked by taking 11 point out of Fighting Spirit and 2 point from Storm Touched for 1/12 point Warcry to receive an extra 20 physical RR.

@Slev1n’s Thunderbolt build has a good number of procs on it:[] Thunderbolt - The Primal Strike Warder without Savagery [c+] [sr+]

When they go off the amount of lightning strikes is pretty jaw-dropping.

I’ve actually been running toward this in the Season 2. I don’t have a few pieces yet but it still holds up well.

EDIT: Forgot to add, this could be used for inspiration (not to necessarily do this build.)


Ah, I assume you might be referring to this:

I’ll put it in here in case this might help but it might not be fully on topic so please forgive.

Thanks for the help everyone. The links are really helpful :slight_smile:

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