(QOL) Add blueprints

I’m guessing everyone is waiting for those! It’d be nice if we could create our own custom blueprints to create a group of buildings just the image below.

If there’s a building in the blueprint that is placed in an invalid position, leave it as a placeholder (a “ghost” building) and let the user move it around after placing the blueprint.

Extra points if it can be shared as text just like Dyson Sphere Program.


I love the blueprint feature is DSP. i wouldn’t be mad if that became a standard feature in games, including this one.

Agreed. Blueprints were supremely welcome in Anno 1800.

Interesting concept … tell me more. Would a blueprint enable me to create a “standard” layout with particular order to use again? If so I’ll vote for this. I typically build in a pattern when I’m working on a grid layout. Having the ability to basically copy and paste this pattern would make things easier. I wouldn’t have to worry about placing buildings incorrectly in the pattern and having to shift everything over.